Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My apologies!

The combination of getting the new Fury Performance ready to go and the holiday crazies have left me little time to work on this blog of late. Starting with this month's newsletter in a few days, I promise to be back on the attack for 2011 with new content. Sometimes life just gets in the way when you are trying to get things done!

Hope everyone has had a happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

FPT Week in Review: Turkey Hangovers Anyone?

I wasn't in on Sunday for the first time in forever so nothing to report here. I know you are all crushed (insert sarcasm here)

HOD: None

After giving a massive shout out the Mon/Wed volleyball crew in last week's review, I am sad to say that Choo Choo practice schedules have dismantled it. It was great while it lasted I guess. The Helton sisters and "Meggie" Brown still rocked out though despite being in smaller group. As for me, all of my various clients and groups had strong workouts today across the board. The day saw heavy deadlifts from former featured athletes Bethany, Kasey, and Ash and some awesome explosion skips-sprints from Bayli C, who is proof positive that not all catchers are clunky with proper training! One of Fury Academy's trusty old tires got worked over today - congrats to JD, Allison, Katie, and Carly on your first tire flips!

HOD: Seeing Ashley "Princess" Irvin dominate her trap bar deadlifts. I originally had these in her workout plan months ago but it didn't go so well - I will simply leave it at that. Fast forward to now...the months of careful low back strengthening and hip mobility work showed out and she looked like a pro! Get em girl!

I guess the Choo Choo crew is trying to confuse me some with their schedules - the monster group simply moved over to Tuesday at 4! This new group has a nice mix of younger and older girls, who were all bringing it throughout the workout. In other Volleyball news, Rachel H. treated us to some knarly, calf-hugging, striped socks. I really should have gotten a picture of those retro bad boys! My crew was rocking as usual from 3:30-7pm with Lacye W., Monk, Hope, EB, and Logan all getting in some mean kettelbell and trap bar deadlifts. Unfortunately for us all, Logan managed to break the trap bar on one of his heavier sets. Since he PR'ed doing it, I guess I can forgive him. I'm sure everyone who hates deadlifts will cheer this announcement though.

HOD: Seeing the dungeon and immediate floor area packed with volleyball and softball studs from 3:45 - 5:15. We had 15 athletes and 5 different work out plans going all at once without it turning into a cluster. DO WORK SON!!! (as Blaes would say)

Wednesday was as hectic as ever for FPT. I started out with the Averitt crazies, had some good munchkin workouts in the middle, and finished strong with Taylor K., who is getting more confident with each workout. We also tested push ups and everyone that tested improved their scores - AWESOME! Clarissa had a pretty even mix of workouts and harness/skill session through out the afternoon/evening and was going so strong she had to pop outside to cool off. If the coach was getting her sweat on, you know the athletes were getting after it too!

HOD: Lil' Payton Cripps broke the U13 & Facility records in push ups and also qualified for the Women's All Time Record board with a score of 40. Here is a picture of her with her new shirt - I hope she grows into soon. Great job Payton!

Thursday was slower than normal this week - several clients had other obligations and couldn't make it over. I did have several good workouts with my older crew featuring rotational and side lunges. I'm predicting some serious groin soreness tomorrow (insert evil laugh here). A special shout out to Zach D. - I was pretty hard on him on Monday and challenged him to bring it in his next workout. I wasn't sure how he would respond but he busted his butt and had one of his best workouts ever. Clarissa doesn't usually work on Thursday but made a special appearance to train Hayli Raines, one of Soddy's top boppers. I am pretty confident that Hayli will have a standout Choo Choo season once Clarissa works her magic.
HOD: Zach Dean...New Push Up Record (51)...Again...BEAST

I had a "bookend" Friday with morning and evening workouts on the schedule. In the morning, the "Dinosaur" crew of Mary, Hunter, and "Killer" Sawyer had a good all around workout and were followed up by the Averitt crazies, who want to burn off some finals stress with a rare morning cameo. In the evening, I had two groups of boisterous "munchkins" AKA Fury Boles and Fury Millwood, assisted by super intern Bethany C. Both of the teams have already made a ton of progress and have vastly improved on the basics of Planks, TRX Push Ups/Rows, and various core drills. Both groups finished up with a little bit of fun by battling among themselves during partner tag drills. The races between Tory and Trinity from Fury Millwood were particularly entertaining since both of these kids can fly! For the record - Trinity won 3 out of 4. Clarissa had several smaller groups that featured some her top high school and college boppers in the afternoon, including Callie, Rachel, Meggie, and Brook Calhoun. Clarissa's last client of the evening, Brittany, was lucky to survive a near trampling at the feet of a excitable Fury Boles crew. Beware the munchkins - they don't always know how to use their brakes!

HOD: Neither of the munchkins crews had all of their players able to do a proper Plank for a full minute when they first started a month or so ago. I was really proud of both groups last night when I saw that almost all of the various team members can not only do a Plank correctly for a minute or more but also can "tuck" their elbows on Push Ups and seemed to be running more efficiently as well. As Blaes might say - such a proud papa bear...

The Cherokee Fury crew came up again today and have already shown some improvement over the previous session in their attention to detail and performance of various drills. We had to cut it short due to some other engagements but I could tell that several of them had been working on their own. This is one of the keys to longer term improvement so I challenge them all to keep at it. Good work guys.

HOD: Seeing Logan Long's transformation from last year to this year. At this time last year, I was all over him at times for his effort, mental toughness, and dedication to getting better. Fast forward to the present and he is helping me with a group of young guys (that are probably alot like him several years ago) and doing a great job at that. What a difference a year makes!

By the numbers...
The Blaes "THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO SHOW CONTEXT" exclamation ! tally - 11
Heaviest Med Ball at FPT - 20lbs.

Workout Song You Need on Your IPOD
Nonpoint - Bullet with a Name

Friday, December 3, 2010

Facility Update - Part 6: Bells & Whistles & Field Space

Here is the next round of pictures of the new facility. The field space at the bottom is multi-use practice space for Fury Fastpitch & Baseball teams but I will be able to use it some as well. I also hear that the new turf is going in FPT next week and we might be moving in the weekend before Christmas. Now, that's a early present for sure!
Heat & AC #1

HEAT & AC #2

The new sink
The New Utility Sink

Outdoor Workouts Anyone?

New Field Space View #2