Monday, January 31, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files: Week #4

I happened to see a facebook entry the other day on a Tough Mudder post that read something like this, 

"I was a Recon Marine and this course was tougher than some of the runs we did during training. Great job on putting together a great course!"
Give me strength Governator!
 ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! To be honest that this freaked me out a bit because I know my training hasn't quite hit the "nuts" threshold yet. After considering my program (while not bad) and the above comment, I am going to be adding another layer of training this week to get right. If you see me walking around in a daze for the next month or so, don't worry. I am not on drugs or anything - I probably just whooped my own ass a bit. I'll be alright. I think.

Weeks until I get dominated - 6!

Monday - Heavy LB
DB Lunges 5x BW-25lbs, 4x30lbs, 3x35lbs, 2x40lbs, 1x45lbs-70lbs

Training Result - I have not been this sore in my legs in a long, long time...interestingly enough I have been working hard on mobilizing my right hip/ankle and I was sore in different place on my right side than my left. Pretty cool when your own research breaks through into actual training.

Tuesday - Heavy UB
Chins, Neutral Chins, Pull Ups x 5 strict hang
DB 1 Arm Row 10,8,6,4,2x 60,65,70,75,80
Machine Shoulder Press 5 x 10 (ISO Rock Grip Chins x 1 x 5-10 secs)
Unilateral Lat Pulldown 3x5 (Push Ups 3x10)
Various Shoulder Endurance Sets and Fat Pipe Wrist Roller x 5lbs x 3

Training Result - I am not really keeping a strict plan here other than to emphasize a certain area - this workout was back/pulling strength. I haven't felt any soreness in my lats for some time - mission accomplished. The shoulder and grip work - still burning but getting easier.

Wednesday - Kettlebell & Strongman Supersets
Various KB Swings, Cleans, Clean + Press, & Snatches x varied reps.
Supersetted shovel lifts (5x5x45lbs) and various types of farmer's walks w/ 45lb plate x 60 yards.
I started at 2pm and would hit a superset every 2-3 minutes until 3pm as I set up the weight room for the day.

I added in some non-traditional training since the tough mudder course is designed in a "chaos"-style. I thought KB lifts and strongman lifts fit the bill best - some of more "chaotic" training tools you can use. Nothing better to simultaneously challenge your anaerobic endurance,explosiveness, unbalanced core strength/stability, and grip strength/endurance.

Training Result - This workout was easier than I anticipated which means my body is starting to catch back up and I need ramp it up even more next week. This ended being more of a recovery workout since it knocked out more soreness than anything else.

Thursday - Bike/Treadmill Hill Work, Core, & Flex/Mob
I got super busy and only managed to do 25 minutes on the bike on random setting. I was able to move up to level 7 for it so my cardio is slowly coming up, which is very encouraging at the moment since my run sucked on Saturday. I was also able to stretch and roll some at the facility yesterday - very glad I did that.

Training Result - No major leg or lung burn -going to have to attack this day more next week.

Friday - TRX Circuit Day
Elevated Push Ups x 5
Arm Flutters x 5 each side
V - Inchworms x 5
Rows-YTWA complex x 10
1 Leg Squats x 5 each side
* Repeated this 10x as I cleaned up the place. I did the last 3 sets of squats with a jump - killer variation! My arms, shoulders, and back were jello from all the volume this week.

Training Result - My shoulders, core and knee haven't felt this good in unstable, chaos work in awhile. I definitely plan to keep suspension circuits in my training plan after the mudder - nothing better to keep the synergists and core firing correctly.

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run

5 Miles in 59 minutes - avg pace of 12 mins.

Training Result - I only had to stop once this week compared to 5-6 times last week and I shaved 30 mins off. Having the Ipod back in effect blasting the dulcet tones of Korn (among others) seemed to help. Definitely need to get through it without stopping next week. "Twisted Transistor" was particularly helpful in getting up the big hill in my route - just an FYI...

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - I let myself get too busy and will be doing this on Monday instead...Have a feeling I am going to regret this decision later.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fury Performance Newsletter: February 2011

Select Saturday Training Times Available In February - Click Here

January Featured Athletes - Lacye Walker & Katie Henderson
These awesome ladies were some of my first clients four years ago - we go wayyyyyy back! When they started training with me, they had little training history and needed a ton of work going forward. However, with lots of hard & consistent effort over the last few years, these studs have morphed into two of the most dominant, power pitchers in Tennessee. Lacye has signed to continue her softball career at Chattanooga State and Katie has committed to pitch for Kentucky. Here are their respective Fury Performance "stories".

Lacye Walker
I think Lacye would admit that she didn't quite understand at first why she had to come over to UTC on Sundays to work with me. After all, she was already a pretty good softball player at the time. However, I don't think she appreciated (like most goofy 14 year olds) how much work it would take to reach the next level as a pitcher. She was easily distracted and had lots of energy (despite not always knowing what to do with it all). It would be fair to say that we didn't always "get" each other those first few months.

However, over the course of the next few months, as she started to hit with more power, steal some bases, and have less pain in her back after long days in the circle, Lacye's attitude towards training began to change. It was like a switch went on and she got "hooked" on being strong and fit. While she has taken some breaks at times to recover from the grind of back to back softball seasons, I haven't been able to get rid of her since! As an example, she has been training 3x per week for most of the last year just to get ready for senior season even though she is already signed to play college ball. That is some serious dedication!  

Lacye, who has a tendency to pound on her body a bit, is currently on a program that features an even mix of performance and preventative maintenance work designed to keep her healthy and feeling good for the long grind of pitching and playing the field for both Grace Academy and Fury Gold. Even though we still get on each others nerves at times, I get a kick out of following her success and wish her all the best this coming season. I really am proud to say that I have trained her all these years.

Katie Henderson
I met Katie right after she joined the new Fury 14's team and she had the reputation of being a flame thrower beyond her years. At the time, Katie was having some trouble with her lower back and her mom wanted to strengthen her legs and core in order to work on the issue. Unfortunately, working around injuries would become the story of Katie's softball career over the course of the next few years.

As I started to work with Katie, I discovered that, while she was a very strong and explosive young lady, she also had tight hips and shoulders. When you combine high levels of strength and power production with this kind of inflexibility, all kinds of problems can occur - especially power "leaks". While Katie could create a ton of power for her pitches, her lack of flexibility caused some of her massive power output to "leak" into the wrong places, namely her low back and wrist. While we were able to fix the first leak by strengthening her core and legs, the second leak caused Katie to develop a stress fracture in her wrist, forcing her to shut it down at the end of the summer. After taking some time off in the fall, Katie was cleared to pitch again for her freshman year but developed a stress fracture in a different spot in her forearm! 

This second fracture forced Katie to wear a cast for several months and was particularly stubborn in the healing process. I recommended to her parents that she train as much as possible while she waited for her wrist to heal in order to prepare her for her return to pitching. Basically, my goal became to find and fix that 2nd leak! They agreed and for the next 6-8 months, Katie would embark on a challenging (and often miserable) workout program designed to totally overhaul her body. We made her core and legs even stronger than before (for improved body control) and increased the flexibility in her hips and shoulders as well (for improved fluidity/force transfer). We also did some pretty brutal conditioning to ensure that her stamina was up to snuff to keep her from getting sloppy as she "re-learned" how to pitch. Katie was a total trooper through out and somehow managed to keep her chin up despite the tough circumstances.

The end result of all of Katie's trials and tribulations in the past two years? After her total body "overhaul", she has been healthy and has experienced zero wrist pain. She also hit a new velocity best of 65mph  last summer despite having not pitched for full year. Her performances over the summer  helped her to earn a scholarship to Kentucky in the process. The perseverance that Katie showed in all of this was remarkable and the Wildcats are lucky to have her. The process of helping Katie through her injuries to ultimately become successful will always be one of my most rewarding moments as a performance coach!
The "List"  
Haley Raines - Committed to Tenn. Tech to play Volleyball
Logan Long - First Fury Performance Athlete to Deadlift 315lbs.
New U13 Chin Up Co-Champs: Bailey Miller, Carolina Davis (shared w/ Bailey Sutton) x 5
New U16 Broad Jump & Vertical Jump Champion:  Emily Boyd x 24 in. & 92 in.
New U16 Chin Up Co-Champions - Emily Boyd (shared w/ Sarah Moore) - 8 reps
New U18 Push Up Champion: Allie Baker - 33 reps
Qualified for All Time Women's Record Board for Broad Jump & Chin Up - Emily Boyd
New Men's Record in Broad Jump & Chin Ups: Logan Long - 104.5 inches & 18 reps
New Men's Record in Push Ups: Zach Dean - 49 reps
All Fury Performance Record Boards Have Been Updated - Click Here

Gunshow of the Month
Some 'ol friends of mine!
Training Pic of the Month
Some VBallers getting their booties right on our custom floor clips!

Bonus Pic!
A gaggle of parents & aletes on Friday night!
Video of the Month

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files: Week #3

A few months back I finally got suckered in by a flipping Facebook ad. While I enjoy Facebook and its warm and fuzzy social utility, I had resolved when I got one not to ever get suckered into their cheeseball marketing ploys. I was going to be better than that and resist their subconscious ploys for my attention. I was doing great until I saw the "one" - the ad that got me.
This one was described something called a "Tough Mudder" and featured a gnarly picture of someone (man? woman? it?) slathered from head to toe with nasty goo with a caption that read "The toughest event on the planet" or something to that effect. My fiance had run in several mud runs over the course of our relationship so I was somewhat familiar with mudder deal - run a 3K or 5K with some big 'ol mud holes along the way and have a ton of fun with friends. Comradeship and serendipity attitude accepted and  jerk-like competitiveness rejected. "So what on Earth could a "Tough Mudder" be?", I thought.  A longer race? Bigger mudpits? I literally had no idea and had to find out. Right Click.

NOOOOOOOOOOO...the Facebook marketing zombies got me!

The ad took me to the Tough Mudder site and I was literally taken aback with an odd mix of fear and excitement. Soooooo-what makes the ATL version of the Tough Mudder "tough"? Let's review...

The 10 mile course length? Nah.
The 12 foot high walls you have climb over near the end? Nada.
The ski hill mid-race? Nope.
The flaming hay bales you run through 2x? Definitely not.
THE LIVE WIRE STATION THAT COULD GIVE YOU A 10,000 V SHOCK?!?!?!?!?!?! Well...maybe.

Hope you sensed my extreme sarcasm...

Anyway - my jaw dropped when I saw that and I was like "Holy @&#^ -  I gotta do this!!!" Basically,  a tough mudder is a near 1/2 marathon mixed with an obstacle course designed by former British SAS members. The SAS is the equivalent to the Navy Seals or Green Berets in America - people who are paid to kick as much ass as possible. As I filled out the application form and signed a "DEATH IS POSSIBLE!" waiver (WTF right?), I thought to myself that I had better get myself ready for this with a kick ass training program or else my chiro will be living in my wallet for a few months.

Having trained myself quite successfully for a 1/2 marathon awhile back (Chattanooga Track Club - who need 'em?), I set my strength coach mojo to the task and got the creative juices flowing. This post documents Week 3 of my preparatory training phase for the mudder and my training approach to it. I am starting in Week 3 because it didn't occur to me until the other day that others might be interested to see my training log for this event.

Full disclosure: my training runs sucked in Week 1&2 and I don't want to share the lameness!

I will also try to share my insights into and observations about the mudder training process as I go. Without further ado...

Weeks until I get my butt handed to me - 7!

Deadlifts - Ramped up to 1x365lbs. 10,15,20 rep drop sets as I stripped the weights.
Even though there is a huge endurance component to this race, running up hills and climbing up crap requires some serious strength when you are 6'1 and 250lbs. Heavy lifting with lower volumes will definitely help me stay healthy in this one.

DB Chest Press - I basically did 5 reps with every set from 35lbs - 85lbs. Countless chin up reps with rock gym handles. Shoulder endurance sets of all sorts.
I killed my left shoulder last year in rugby but it held up surprisingly well during all this which is really encouraging. The mudder events are going to tear up my shoulders so I am really focusing on them. The rock gym pull up mounts at 24/7 Fitness? By far the most surprising and awesome find at this lame-o commercial place.

30 minute "hill" walk on a treadmill alternating between 0% grade and 15% grade. 
I had to do this after work and it sucked. I found out last year that prepping my joints for longer runs and hills by using a treadmill helps me to minimize accumulating stress on  my knees too quickly. However, you can't help but feel lame for doing it.

25 minute "Random" ride on a bike - level 5. Various Pallof Presses, Big Ball Rollout Isos, and Rock Wall Chin Up Isos.
Still working on building up my work capacity with this workout - felt only less lame than the day before. Pallof Presses are an awesome core drill and I highly recommend them. That is another area that I am really trying to bulletproof to keep my chiro away.

TRX circuit work - total body. Exercises, reps, sets all vary from week to week.
I am using the TRX at least once per week to simulate the instability and confusing muscle firing patterns I am sure to encounter while mudding it up. I have never until this point consistently used TRX for a full workout - it will crush you. Another highly recommended workout style to try.

5 mile training run. Completion time: 90 minutes?
I will be honest - I just wasn't up to task this day. It was my first outdoor run in a looooooong time and my ipod died after a mile. It was simply horrible and I felt like cupcake through out. I don't even know how long it took me really so that is just a guess.

Recovery! Pipe Rolls and Band Stretches!
If you aren't doing this kind of thing - you're stupid. 'Nuff said!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special Program Update - Limited Saturday Sessions Available Soon At Fury Performance

Saturday "Crunch Time" Workouts

A 4 year Fury Performance beast...I mean client!
One important thing that I have learned in the past year is that everyone's schedules are jammed pack and are getting increasingly difficult to navigate during the week. I can't even remember anymore how many times people have asked me about Saturday training times. With that in mind, I am going to start offering limited training times on certain Saturdays for clients who are experiencing schedule crunch during the week. These "Crunch Time" training sessions will work on an rolling start format (i.e. as soon as you get there you start your warm up) and will be available to any Fury Performance youth clients. Each session will be tailored to suit the needs of the athlete (in-season, out-season, training level, etc...) and will only cost $10. There will be a limited number of slots for each session so you will need to contact me in advance to reserve your spot! 

February "Crunch Time" Sessions
  • Saturday 5th: 10:30 am - 12:00 am
All workouts must start by 11:15am
  • Saturday 19th: 9:00 am - 10:30 am
All workouts must start by 9:30am

Remember - these are only $10!
Saturday "Adult Fit" Sessions

The First Adult Fit Clients at Fury Performance
Also, as part of this new Saturday initiative, I will be for the first time offering open Adult Fitness training times on select Saturdays. This class offering is in response to the many people over the course of the past year who have asked me whether I train adults as well. These training times will be available for adults who want to get a taste of the Fury Performance training experience. These workouts will be scalable to fit the respective fitness levels of any participants and will only cost $10. Again, space will be limited so you will have to contact me in advance to reserve your spot.  If you are looking to break out of training rut or looking to get back on the fitness wagon or looking for new ideas for your workouts, this may be just the thing you are looking for. I promise I won't make you push the Prowler if you aren't ready for it!

February "Adult Fit" Sessions
  • Saturday 19th: 10:30 am - 12:00pm
All workouts must start by 11:15am
Remember - these classes are only $10!
   To reserve a spot in any of these training sessions, please email me at or text me at 423 667 8988.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Brain Food #10 - Post Snow-ma-geddon thoughts, monster videos, and some nutritional goodness

This is what 4 days of cabin fever does to you!
Snow-ma-geddon...I found that on a former athlete's Facebook page (props to Michelle Fuzzard) earlier this week and thought it was fitting to describe this past week. The 5-8 inches of snow on Sunday/Monday totally screwed up Chattanooga. Wait...that's not right...EPICALLY SCREWED...much better! Businesses closed, schools were let out for the WHOLE week, and the Southern world ground to a screeching halt for a few days. Ironically, the cheering and jubilation over a few extra days off and comparing sledding bruises quickly soured into a massive epidemic of cabin fever. For a feverish day or two, the South became the North! My snarkey, snow grump self (as I was coined by my scornful fiance) was highly amused by the switchImagine if we got this 3-4 times a year? Haha...

Anyways, here are few random thoughts that occurred to me throughout the week hereto known as Snow-ma-geddon...

1) When working out at a wimpy commercial fitness gym and confronted by the routine displays of foolishness, you really need some good music to keep you going if you are at all serious about what you are doing. I saw a guy the other day doing tricep pushdowns on a cable stack at one such facility. Normally, this is a perfectly useful and routine exercise. However, this guy chose to straddle a Bosu trainer like he was riding a pony bareback to do his tricep pushdowns. Just picture that in your was epic! Suffice to say - I can't really write down what went through my mind when I saw this because I am trying to keep this blog clean. If you know me though, you can probably take a guess at what it was and it wasn't pretty. Anyways, all I could do was heap scorn upon him in my mind and turn up Papa Roach's "Getting Away with Murder" to keep blasting through my lift.  If you need some instant adrenaline, I highly recommend this song.

2) As Chattanoogans started to dig out of the snow Monday/Tuesday, I actually saw a poor,snow-crazed, business owner desperate to open up trying to clean off his walkway with a household dustpan and broom. 5-8 inches of snow with a dustpan - I just had to laugh as I drove by. Dear unknown business owner - you made my day!

3) I have been doing alot of thinking lately about where I need to take my programs (and clients) in the future. As I pondered what I could do better for 2011, something jumped out at me - I had been getting too tricky with my stuff at times in the past year. While staying ahead of the pack on program design has always been a source of pride for me, I was making it really hard on myself to write programs. I guess I got too worried about variety in the process rather than focusing on the process itself. This dawned on me because I inadvertently went more basic with my programs over the last two months due to being busy with opening my new building. The results of the more basic programming? I haven't tested yet but all of my clients are rocking right now and appear to be making great progress. I am pretty certain some records are going down soon.

The lesson I learned from all this? Our young athletes need well designed but basic performance programs. My programs definitely met the first condition but I lost sight of the second some. In a sense, I was traveling down the right road but I was taking some unnecessary turns and pit stops along the way. My goal has been and always will be to ensure that our clients are getting stronger, staying flexible/mobile in the right areas, and being functionally fit for their sports. However, a good program needn't be complicated to achieve these goals. Shame on me for that but it's getting corrected going forward. Make no mistake - my programs are going to be top notch but I am stripping them down for 2011. 

We are going back to the basics - the down and dirty stuff that no one else likes to do. You can have your lame ladders, corny cone drills, and cookie cutter weight routines. My crews pull heavy deadlifts, blast real chin ups and push ups, and push the Prowler. To their competition: watch out - they're coming for you!

Prepare to be INSPIRED by these Strength Related Videos!!!

This Mike Robertson blog features an amazing collection of videos that you really just need to watch for your own sake. They feature some of the strong humans ever to walk the planet including strong men, power lifters, and weight lifters. You won't be disappointed but be prepared to get sucked in!

Get Your Wasabi On!

This article discusses the anti-cancer properties of the Wasabi root or Japanese horseradish. Who knew that this wicked hot stuff was a health food? Read this article and you will too.

Does caffeine dehydrate you?

This is short little post from Charles Poliquin that discusses effects of caffeine on your hydration status - the answer might surprise you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fury Performance: The Prowler Files #5.wmv

Brain Food #9: Winter Wonderland & The Sham of Power Bracelets

I would be complaining if we got buried like this - PROMISE!
The weather gods must not like the South too much this year. Breaking character completely, they decided to dump another 5-8 inches of snow in the Chattanooga metro area. For a transplanted Yank like myself, this is not much of a bother, having built up a resistance to snow after going to school in upstate NY. We would be routinely bombarded with 12-18 inches of white nastiness several time each winter. The trials and tribulations of driving in that crap actually led me to keep a snow shovel in the back of my pick up truck because I would get stuck so much. Sad but true.

Basically, these experiences hardened me to all manner of inconveniences related to snow but this is the land of sweet tea and BBQ after all and this much snow generally creeps people out. I guess when you aren't used to it, you don't know what to do with it and a certain level of "I'm going to drive into a ditch and freeze to death because no one will come to rescue me" paranoia sets in (I tried to keep my Yankee snarq out but I failed - ooops - haha). When I first came South, it would not have occurred to my Yeti-like self to cancel training sessions on a day like this, assuming incorrectly that people would actually show up. However, I know better now the kryptonite-like effects of snow on the average Southerner and got on with the early cancellations today (to which all of my younger clients surely rejoiced). After all, what better workout could there be to them than sledding and goofing off all day?
If you can't appreciate this - please check your pulse - NOW

Sooooooo...what the heck do I do now? Being a bit of a work-a-holic who actually enjoys their job, I am not used to random days off. I am a creature of routine and I feel totally jacked up at the moment because my whole day has been set adrift in a white wash of snow- literally. My fiance will read this and surely mock my dread of 11 hours of "un-plannedness". Unlike me, she thrives in the unknown and actually seems to embrace days like this. Indeed - today is a true winter wonderland for her. Me? I will probably read some blogs and create a few videos for YouTube and be totally boring. least until she heckles me about being too much of a grinch and gets my old butt to go sledding.

Before the fun police calls, a quick comment on "work"... opening up the new Fury Performance has left me little time to do my Week in Review posts so I have decided to discontinue them. I also started to realize that I was reporting the same stuff from week to week due to the make up of the given training cycle. I will try to write a review posts when I switch programming themes to keep it more interesting for all. The hustle and bustle of the new FPT start up also left me little time to go digging for cool articles to share and the Brain Food column has suffered as a result. The new FPT is 90% complete (I think/hope?!?!) and my time is freeing back up so I am back on the attack on this post series. Eat up!

Power Bracelets = SCAM!

Watch this video featured on ESPN's Outside The Lines and SAVE your money! It amazes me how much these guys have made off this. They just recently admitted that there is no research to support their product!

Interactive Supplement Rating Chart

I saw this blog chart on Tony Gentilcore's blog and it is wicked cool. Click on a "bubble" featuring a particular supplement and it will link you to some information (study, journal, website, etc...) that will tell how effective or not the supplement is. If you are a nutrition geek like me, you might get lost on here for awhile.

An awesome video of INTENSE PNF hamstring stretching

This blog post comes from Tony Gentilcore and discusses some possible causes of hamstring "tightness" and some strategies on how to regain lost range of motion through retraining the associated neural patterns (think mind to muscle connection). He does a better job of explaining that stuff than I could but I think the highlight of the whole article is the embedded video of a therapist simply going to town on a guy's hammie using PNF. I have never seen someone demo this and simultaneously explain it so well. I have used this with many of my clients but I even picked up some pointers. IT IS EPIC!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to the NEW Fury Performance!

These pictures were all taken during mid/late December and we are constantly making improvements. Thanks for your continued support of Fury Performance - hope to see you soon!
Sign In Desk
Main Conditioning Area

The "Coach Green Has No Idea Where to Put This" Corner
Our Trusty Vertec and Water Fountain

Janitorial Area
What Else Would We Clean With?
The FPT Cardio Theatre

Deadlift & Hip Thrust Stations

Multi-Use Station #1
Dumbbell Area & Balance Stuff
The Volleyball Jumping Toys

Mult-Use Station #2 & Squat Rack
Squat Racks
Parent's Area
Multi-use Indoor Practice Area

Foyer Bath Rooms
Throwing Screen - Super Sized!
Mock Volleyball Net

Locker Rooms For Bigger Events

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FPT Newsletter: January 1st, 2011

Thank You! 
I just wanted to thank all of our clients, parents, and friends who helped make 2010 an awesome year at FPT! We couldn't have created this amazing training environment without you! A special thanks to David & Mike Johnson for helping getting the new place up and running in a timely fashion - I would be lost without your help!

December Featured Athlete - Logan Long
TRX INCHWORM - Look at the gun!
Logan, who plays baseball for Grace Academy and Fury Baseball, has been training at Fury Performance since the previous fall. When "Mop" first started training with me, I discovered that he had a ton of physical talent but wasn't even close to using it to its full potential for a variety of reasons (lack of general fitness, atrocious eating habits, and sometimes suspect motivation). This combustible combination made for an uphill struggle at times at FPT for Logan. I am quite certain that he got REAL tired of me reminding him of where he could and should be if he "got right". Despite these struggles, Logan managed to make some good progress that fall/winter and ended up being one of the top hitters in the region that spring and summer.

As the summer neared its end, I happened to run into Logan one day and the topic of fall/winter training came up. After following his success all year and seeing what he was really capable of, I challenged him to come back to training with the mind set of a college or pro player because that is how I was going to treat him. I told him if any of the poor habits from the prior year surfaced, he would be summarily booted from my training program until he got rid of them. He accepted this at face value and we got to work.

What a difference a year makes! Logan's complete and total transformation this year as an athlete has been impressive to watch. In addition to routinely smashing his performance numbers (listed below), Logan has changed his entire mental approach to training, becoming a model client in the process. His new-found dedication and consistency even led me to ask him to help train a youth baseball team a few times, which he excelled at as well. Logan has truly begun to see himself as a college or pro ball player and I am enormously proud of him!

Pre-season Testing Numbers 2011
Vertical - 24.5 inches      Broad - 104 inches     Push Ups - 35     Chin Ups - 16     Deadlift - 275lbs

The "List"  
Lily Berger - U13 Vertical Jump Champion
Payton Cripps - New Facility Push Up Record Holder
Katie Henderson - Committed to University of Kentucky to play softball!
Kalyn Helton - 2010 Best of Preps Player of the Year: Volleyball
Rachel Harper, Callie Hildebrand, Georgia Paturalski, Hayli Raines, Nicole Sumida - 2010 BOP First Team
Haven Carter, Brooke Calhoun - 2010 BOP Honorable Mention
Signal Mountain & Red Bank Volleyball - 2010 BOP Teams of the Year
Ally Baker - Committed to play softball at Chattanooga State

Editors Note: The holidays have been pretty crazy - if I have omitted anyone I apologize!

Gunshow of the Month
Erin "Twinkie" Jackson getting her swole on!
Training Pic of the Month
One of FPT's dual use training stations!

Bonus Pic!
Kudos to Meggie Brown on the Awesome Sock Clash!
Bonus Pic #2
Another new toy - THIS ONE WON'T BREAK!
Video of the Month

I will be working on some new videos this coming month so check my YouTube site often!

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