Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to the NEW Fury Performance!

These pictures were all taken during mid/late December and we are constantly making improvements. Thanks for your continued support of Fury Performance - hope to see you soon!
Sign In Desk
Main Conditioning Area

The "Coach Green Has No Idea Where to Put This" Corner
Our Trusty Vertec and Water Fountain

Janitorial Area
What Else Would We Clean With?
The FPT Cardio Theatre

Deadlift & Hip Thrust Stations

Multi-Use Station #1
Dumbbell Area & Balance Stuff
The Volleyball Jumping Toys

Mult-Use Station #2 & Squat Rack
Squat Racks
Parent's Area
Multi-use Indoor Practice Area

Foyer Bath Rooms
Throwing Screen - Super Sized!
Mock Volleyball Net

Locker Rooms For Bigger Events

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