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FPT Newsletter: January 1st, 2011

Thank You! 
I just wanted to thank all of our clients, parents, and friends who helped make 2010 an awesome year at FPT! We couldn't have created this amazing training environment without you! A special thanks to David & Mike Johnson for helping getting the new place up and running in a timely fashion - I would be lost without your help!

December Featured Athlete - Logan Long
TRX INCHWORM - Look at the gun!
Logan, who plays baseball for Grace Academy and Fury Baseball, has been training at Fury Performance since the previous fall. When "Mop" first started training with me, I discovered that he had a ton of physical talent but wasn't even close to using it to its full potential for a variety of reasons (lack of general fitness, atrocious eating habits, and sometimes suspect motivation). This combustible combination made for an uphill struggle at times at FPT for Logan. I am quite certain that he got REAL tired of me reminding him of where he could and should be if he "got right". Despite these struggles, Logan managed to make some good progress that fall/winter and ended up being one of the top hitters in the region that spring and summer.

As the summer neared its end, I happened to run into Logan one day and the topic of fall/winter training came up. After following his success all year and seeing what he was really capable of, I challenged him to come back to training with the mind set of a college or pro player because that is how I was going to treat him. I told him if any of the poor habits from the prior year surfaced, he would be summarily booted from my training program until he got rid of them. He accepted this at face value and we got to work.

What a difference a year makes! Logan's complete and total transformation this year as an athlete has been impressive to watch. In addition to routinely smashing his performance numbers (listed below), Logan has changed his entire mental approach to training, becoming a model client in the process. His new-found dedication and consistency even led me to ask him to help train a youth baseball team a few times, which he excelled at as well. Logan has truly begun to see himself as a college or pro ball player and I am enormously proud of him!

Pre-season Testing Numbers 2011
Vertical - 24.5 inches      Broad - 104 inches     Push Ups - 35     Chin Ups - 16     Deadlift - 275lbs

The "List"  
Lily Berger - U13 Vertical Jump Champion
Payton Cripps - New Facility Push Up Record Holder
Katie Henderson - Committed to University of Kentucky to play softball!
Kalyn Helton - 2010 Best of Preps Player of the Year: Volleyball
Rachel Harper, Callie Hildebrand, Georgia Paturalski, Hayli Raines, Nicole Sumida - 2010 BOP First Team
Haven Carter, Brooke Calhoun - 2010 BOP Honorable Mention
Signal Mountain & Red Bank Volleyball - 2010 BOP Teams of the Year
Ally Baker - Committed to play softball at Chattanooga State

Editors Note: The holidays have been pretty crazy - if I have omitted anyone I apologize!

Gunshow of the Month
Erin "Twinkie" Jackson getting her swole on!
Training Pic of the Month
One of FPT's dual use training stations!

Bonus Pic!
Kudos to Meggie Brown on the Awesome Sock Clash!
Bonus Pic #2
Another new toy - THIS ONE WON'T BREAK!
Video of the Month

I will be working on some new videos this coming month so check my YouTube site often!

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