Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files - Week 8

Weeks until I get dominated - 2!

Monday - Heavy
ReverseLunges w/ DB's 5x 5-55lbs, 4x 60-65lbs, 3x 70-75lbs, 2x 80-85lbs

Training Result - I felt pretty solid through 55lbs but really had to focus after that to get clean reps. My legs have been barking pretty good for two days straight. Making me really look forward to my stepper workout today (Wednesday)

Tuesday - Heavy UB
Chin Ups - 10x BW, 3x3 + 10lbs (TRX Dips 3 x 5)
This is how I felt after 9 miles...
1 Leg TRX Rows 3 x 5 each leg (TRX Y's 3 x 10, Feet Elevated TRX Push Ups 3 x 10)
DB Thrusters 3 x 10 x 30lb DB's (Plank Sled Drags 3 x 20 yds)

Training Result - This workout was designed by a new trainer that will be working out of my facility in the coming months - it was her "practical" so to speak. TRX Dips - not a fan because the buckles chew up your triceps. I also didn't do so hot on the plank sled drags - that's pretty tough. Proof positive that active plank work is a good test of true core function. I can hang on strictly core exercises but need work on applying it into live situations. Good thing to have found out.

Wednesday - Stepper
30 Minutes x Level 15 x Random & Hills

Training Result -With some soreness left over from Mondays workout - this was pretty rough. I was hanging onto the rails just to survive for the last 10 minutes! Whew...

TRX Dips = Triceps Bruises = What the bleep!

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
30 Minutes x Level 20 x Random.

Training Result - Level 20 on this bike was ridiculous! I barely survived again. I didn't do any extra core this week because I ended up demoing Pot Stirs and other core fun for several clients who hadn't done them yet.

Friday - Off
I took an unplanned off day - I just got busy and couldn't get into training. I guess I also figured a nine mile run the next day would probably go better if my legs were fresh.

Training Result -NA

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run
9 Miles - 100 mins

Training Result - There just isn't anything I can say about running 9 miles except it sucks...ALOT...My feet and knees were done by the end of this one which mean my shoes are done too. They are getting chucked after the race itself. Speaking of the race - I am officially ready to race to get going on it. Some of the cardio I am doing is just not for me...

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - I am definitely planning on a good lower body recovery session. I can feel soreness creeping in already from that damn run today.

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Fury Performance Newsletter: March 2011

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February Featured Athlete - Emily Boyd
EmLetily "I eat up Coach Green
's record boards" Boyd
  Here are the results from EB's last round of testing in January done over two days...please note that this beast is only a sophomore at NW Whitfield H.S. and is one of the top pitchers in Georgia as well.

Vertical Jump - 24 inches (Age Group & Facility Record)
Broad Jump - 92 inches (Age Group & Facility Record, #10 All Time)
Push Ups - 22 (#3 in the U16 Age Group)
Chin Ups - 8 (Age Group & Facility Record, #10 All Time)
Deadlift - 235lbs (#2 in the U16 Age Group)

If these numbers weren't enough, EB is also one of our most consistent and dedicated athletes. She gets it done every single day. I can't wait to see how high she sets the bar for future athletes!

The "List"  
CSAS Men's Basketball - District Champs (Jackson Lanoir) 
Jess Brown (Rhodes College) - First Collegiate Home run

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Gabriella & Maddy intimidating the camera!
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Kristin & Rachel getting their one leg squat on!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Brain Food #12 - Some Odds & Ends & Mambi Pambi Destruction!

So I was at my favorite corporate fitness gym today doing reverse lunges with DB's in their jammed up free weight section. No one who designs these places seem to realize that some people actually need room to move around with heavy DB's from time to time and don't totally suck but I digress.  Around me attempting to "work out" were a few "I grunt while doing curls with 25's with gloves on" posers. I personally don't think that you should able to wear gloves if you can't pick up a DB or bar loaded with enough weight to actually damage the skin on your hands but I digress again. As I progressed up the DB stack doing sets of five on my lunges, one of the valiant posers around me starting doing lunges as well. He started with the 30's by the time I was up to the 40's and we proceeded to have a subtle but intense lunge battle to see who would control the DB area for the rest of the time. As I moved up to the 45's and then the 50's and then the 55's, he followed suit and slowly started to get crushed his DB's (and my mojo). I could tell his knees were barking and he switched exercises to...

wait for it...

not yet...



He was in my gym!
What the bleep right? It was like he had lost the battle but still thought he had a chance to win the war. Bleeping moron. So I picked up the 60's and did a set of four and then the 65's for another set of four. In between my sets, he managed to crank out a massive set of curls and then acted like he was crab fishing on the Berents sea or something. As he "recovered", he seemed to realize that he was cramping my style and moved to the other side of the DB area and then left altogether. I didn't even say a word to him nor look in his direction - he just knew that I was the boss and he had to go. I eventually worked up to 85's for two and two other pencil necked geeks in the room had left as well.


Enjoy the brain food! 

Can Money Be Better Spent On Keeping Athletes Healthy?

This is an interesting article I found (courtesy of Eric Cressey) that talks about the costs & benefits to MLB baseball teams for spending more money on their medical staffs in order to keep the players that they do have healthy and off the DL. Pretty interesting logic on why sometimes proactive injury prevention in the performance setting can yield big time dividends for athletes.

Take Care Of Yo' Liver Baby!

The liver is a "sneaky" important organ in your body. Think about it...have you ever noticed that some of the hardest problems to resolve on cheeseball doctor shows deal with the liver? Sure - the heart and lungs get most of the glory but if your liver is screwed up, it is likely you are going to be really screwed up too. This is a cool article from John Meadows that discusses liver function, its importance, and how to improve it. I didn't like his stuff that much at first but I really starting to dig it now. He comes up with some quality info on topics that you don't hear about much. I highly recommend his work.

Skinny Fat Guys Beware - Don't Piss Off Mark Rippetoe

DISCLAIMER: There is some very salty language in the article below - if you are the sensitive type please skip this one!

This post features Mark Rippetoe's take on recovery and weight gain for "newbie" trainers and how most of them screw it all up. Mark is known for his no-nonsense approach to training and this article is definitely in the same vein. If you have a sarcastic, snarkey side like I do, you will surely appreciate this one.

Introducing Fury Performance's YouthFit Program!!!

YouthFit Developmental Classes

These classes will be taught by Fury Performance staff members and will focus on teaching younger athletes many of the basic, fundamental skills that they will need for long term athletic success in a fun and fast paced atmosphere. These classes will also serve to prepare younger athletes for more advanced performance classes in the future.

Sample Class Activities 
  •  Balance & Body Awareness Drills 
  • Proper Jumping & Landing Technique
  • Core & Basic Strength Development 
  • Hand/Eye Co-ordination Drills 
  • Quickness & Agility Drills  

Who: 6-9 year old athletes w/ little or no prior performance training experience 
Where: Fury Performance - 2026 Mack Smith Rd. Rossville, GA.  

Days/Times: Mondays in March: 5:45-6:30pm & Tuesdays in March: 7-7:45pm  

Cost: $12 per workout or $40 in advance for 4 workouts

Please contact Coach Green at if you are interested in signing up for one of these classes. Space is limited!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files - Week 7

Weeks until I get dominated - 3!

Hope I fare better than this guy - OUCH!
Monday - Heavy LB
Barbell Hip Thrusts - 5 x 115- 215lbs, 5 x 5 x 235lbs
Heavy Bag Carries - 5 x 60 yards

Training Result - I felt pretty strong on the hip thrusts and heavy bag carries. I am finally starting to shake this cold which has been dampening my workout intensity down a bit. It's about time too because I need 3 solid weeks of training to get right for the mudder.

Tuesday - Heavy UB
Neutral Grip Chins x 7
Pull Ups x 6
Chins x 5
Seated Military Press 5x 95-155, 4x 175, 135 x 7 to 1 (Rope Chins, Rock Grip Chins, Monkey Chins x 1-2)
Ez Bar Curls & Overhead Triceps Press 5x5

Training Result - This was a great workout! My chin totals went up and I felt reasonably strong on military press as well. I am not really sore today (Wednesday) but it felt good to have a good workout after a run of crappy ones.

Miscellaneous Update - Woke up this morning (Thursday) and the shoulder/lat soreness was pretty good...I'm guessing my intensity level was not up high enough in previous weeks...

Now that's heavy!
Wednesday - KB's & Strongman
KB Swings 10 x 10 x 35lbs (5 x 60 yd Prowlers, 5 x 60 yd Heavy Bag Carries)

Training Result - This workout was Dan John-inspired. He had posted articles on carry heavy crap and swings in the past week or two so I decided to mash them together. He promised some good hammie/glute soreness from this type of swing loading - Check! He mentioned that repetitive rounds of heavy crap carries will add a new dimension to total body training. Check!

Even though I am sore all over this is turning out to be a good week.

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
30 Minutes x Level 15 x Random.
3x (Pallof Press Series x 5 each,  Hanging Leg Raises x 10, Side Plank Holds + 10lbs x 15sec each)

Training Result - Level 15 got the legs burning hard! This was a great core circuit and hit all the bases. In hindsight, this workout was the starting point for an accumulation of massive total body soreness by Sunday.

Friday - TRX Circuit Day
TRX Split Squat x 5 each
TRX Row-YTWA Combos x 5
TRX Push Ups w/ Two Reebok Steps x 5
1 Leg RDLS w/ 35lb KB's x 5 each
Ab Wheels x 5
Plank Monkey Chin Holds x 5 secs
*8 total rotations*


Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run

8 Miles in 93 minutes

Training Result - I was so sore and worn out from Thursday and Friday that this run completely sucked. I even made a run-time decision to add a mile to my planned distance since the mudder course is 2 miles longer after set up. Add a headwind and dead ipod to total body soreness and you have a recipe for a crap run. Gotta do better than this...

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - Definitely putting in my time today...I feel like total pre-race deload week is looking oh so delicious right now...

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fury Performance Saturday Training Sessions - March 2011

Some Adult Fit clients getting their gunshows on!

March 5th
Youth Athletes: 9-10:30am
Adult Fit: 1030-12pm
Cost: $10

Look at these pipes!

March 19th
Adult Fit 9-10:30am
Youth Athletes: 10:30-12pm 
Cost: $10
If you would like to participate in one of these sessions, please contact Coach Green at ASAP! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files - Week #6

Weeks until I get dominated - 4!

I just thought this was appropriate

Monday - Heavy LB
DB Step Ups - 5 x 10-45lbs, 4x 50-55lbs, 3x 60-70lbs, 2x 75lbs
Power rack and weight re-organization x ?

Training Result - I felt pretty good today after this workout. Just so you know...moving power racks and weights around by yourself is a pain and some great work capacity work...

Tuesday - Heavy UB
1 Arm DB Bench 25-85lbs x 5, 2 Arm DB Press 85lbs x 11 (Rock Grip Chins x1 )
Machine Shoulder Press 5 x 45lbs-90lbs per side at 5 lb set increments (Monkey Chins x 2)
Band Pull Aparts x 100

Training Result -Decided not to do work capacity stuff on Tuesday or Thursday from here on out - beat me up way too much that first week. And no warnings of the cold to stomp me all week - NONE...AT ALL! Bollocks!

Ok I wasn't this bad but the tissues are correct
Wednesday - Hills
Treadmill Hills - 60 secs runs (on inclines 15-5) alternating with 60 secs walk (flat)...

Training Result - And the "just enough to make you slight miserable" cold hit today so this wimpy workout was all I managed to get in. Not a good time for a weak training week. Oh well.

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
30 Minutes x Level 12 x Random.
3x (Big Ball Rollouts x10,  Big Ball Pot Stirs x 5 each, Side Plank Holds + 5lbs x 15sec each)

Training Result - I was able to get after it a bit more on the bike despite the cold holding neutral. The core work was a good mix and the low back felt strong. This makes me optimistic getting closer to the race.

Friday - TRX Circuit Day
10 x 5 (Advanced Pushups - Feet on Floor, Rope Rows, 1 Leg Squats)

Training Result - I got caught up in some business stuff and had to hustle through this workout but it actually wasn't so bad. I got a good total body pump from it and felt good afterward so considering the cold I think it was just right.

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run

7 Miles in 72 minutes
2 Hours Yoga Workshop

Training Result - I put a monster hill right in the middle of this run today to simulate the monster hill in the mudder. AND. IT. SUCKED! But I got through it alright with some cussing and snot rockets though. I will definitely look to beat this time next week. As for the yoga, I feel significantly better today after some forced stretching of my calves and hammies. It wiped me out for the rest of the day but it reminds me that I need to stretch those areas after running better.

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - I felt pretty good today after the post run yoga class got me stretched out yesterday so an easy pipe and band stretch today was all I needed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brain Food #12 - Nutritional Minutua, Corporate Blood Suckers & Volume Junkies

 Hump day...What a glorious term for Wednesdays. Whoever thought of that one first should get a medal or something. Wednesdays are normally one of the busiest days at Fury Performance and I need a ton of energy to get through them. If I am going for the extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, this is the day for it. Somedays you just have to survive in order to get to Thursday. When Wednesdays are bad for me, it is like climbing Mt. Everest.
Hump that...
Ever have a  bad "hump" day? You know the ones I'm talking about - the days where it feels like "mountain" day. The type of day that sucks the life out of you for the rest of the week. The type of day that makes you want to hop in bed on Friday night at 9pm. Yeah - totally lame. That is about where I feel my Wednesday going today. For some reason, my I just ain't got the money at the moment - my energy account is empty. In celebration of my funk, I decided to not even pretend to be useful today and went blog surfing a bit. If you are staring at your own Everest and need to kill some time, this brian food is dedicated to you. Hope it helps you reach your personal summit.

The Alternate Universe of Corporate Fitness?

I grabbed the quote below from an article in Men's Journal by Daniel Duane after seeing it on Tony Gentilcore's blog. It's discussion of what is really going on in the corporate fitness industry is awesome and I encourage you to read the rest of the eye-opening piece. Its long but well worth - PROMISE!

"I signed a 10-page membership contract at a corporate-franchise gym, hired my first personal trainer, and became yet another sucker for all the half-baked, largely spurious non-advice cobbled together from doctors, newspapers, magazines, infomercials, websites, government health agencies, especially, from the organs of our wonderful $19 billion fitness industry, whose real knack lies in helping us to lose weight around the middle of our wallets."

Eat Whey Protein - Get Skinny? Seriously...

This is cool post from Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic on the weight loss potential of whey protein supplementation. She is known in the industry as an advocate of eating a high protein/low carb diet (but in a healthy way). Some of her earlier research and writings were instrumental in getting me to ditch carbs from my diet, which has led to a leaner me. Her stuff is always well researched and I highly recommend it.

Further Proof That Extra Innings Add Up...

I found this article on ESPN describing how post-season baseball teams often have lower ERA's in the following season, especially on staffs with less playoff experience. While no one knows for sure exactly why, this slump could probably be attributed to the increase in pitching volume and resultant decrease in recovery/training time in the off-season. Interestingly, more experienced staffs seemed to have less drop-off because they "knew" how to handle the extra work. Great reading for coaches who will throw their top young pitchers against teams they know they can beat with their #2 to "get them some work". These innings really do add up! Remember, these are well trained professionals who are slumping- not high school kids with suspect motivation, training habits, and eating habits (can you imagine how much more detrimental it is to a high school kid?). Throwing a kid to "get them some work" is an outdated thought process for youth athletes!

Is The USDA Finally Starting to Make Sense?

If you like to follow the latest updates in the field of nutrition, you are probably aware that the USDA (like most government agencies) is a somewhat unreliable source of information because of its heavy ties to various food lobbyists. However, as Jonny Bowden points out in this blog post, there are glimmers of hope to be found in the USDA's latest round of dietary guidelines. Of particular interest - the section on dietary fats and cholesterol. Let's hope the government continues to get "clued" in on impartial scientific research.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files: Week #5

Weeks until I get dominated - 5!

This came up when I searched "domination" - for you Wes!
Monday - Heavy LB
Box Squat - 5x Bar -135lbs, 4x 155-225lbs, 3x255lbs, 2x275lbs, 1x295lbs, 1 x 315lbs
Low Handle Prowler x 3 x 60 yards (15lb MB Floorbreakers x 10)
Farmer's Walks - unknown number of them while moving donated plates around.

Training Result - The extra cardio is starting to sap my strength some but the 315 was pretty clean and the knee held up well. No soreness but volume was low due to time - need to add more here.

Tuesday - Heavy UB
1 Arm DB Press 35-60lbs x 5, 65-75lbs x 3, 80lbs x 2, 85lbs x 1 (Rock Grip Chins x1 )
DB Shrugs 5 x 10 x 85lbs (Fat Bar Chins x 1)
(Machine Side Raises x 5 x various reps/weights, Big Ball Push Ups 5 x 10, Monkey Chins x 1 or 2)
Boxer Heavy Bag Farmer Walks x 5 x 60yds x various holds

Training Result - Definitely can tell I worked upper body but no massive soreness anywhere. My friggin' hands and fingers are tired from all the grip work but I know that it's going to pay dividends down the line. I did the heavy bag carries later in the day - way too easy - should have done 10. No clue how heavy the bag is either.

Wednesday - Steps
Stepper x 30 Minutes x Random x Level 10
Various KB Loaded Carries x 60 yds x 30 yds

Training Result - If you are using the elliptical or treadmill to "condition" yourself, you really need to get on the stepper. You will get wayyyyyy more done in less time - I can promise you that. There is a reason why gyms are phasing them out - THEY SUCK (but in a good way). The X carry that I got from Dan John was particularly tough when I went 35lbs in a farmers position and 60lbs in waiter's position. I will have to remember that one.

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
25 Minutes x Level 10 x Random.
5x 10 (Slider Inchworm, TRX Myagis, Vertical Pallof Press)
5 x 60 yds x Back/Front Sled Drags w/ Big Rope

Training Result -The bike was only tough in a few segments so I am going to jack it up again next week. I am going to just go bike on this day to make sure I am mixing movement patterns well. The core work wasn't so hard but the sled drags really sucked. I didn't have a chance to do enough Flex/Mob work and I paid the price today - I was pretty stiff and sore and my knee is acting back up.

Friday - TRX Circuit Day
This was me after all the finishers...
Push Ups with 1 Leg Elevated x 5each
1 Arm Rows x 5 each side
Inchworms x10
Hip Bridges x 10
TRX Vertical Pallof Press x 5 each side

* Repeated this 5x as I cleaned up the place.

Training Result - I was feeling pretty beat up today from all of the various finishers I have been adding in so I decided to back off and get some light work in. I also didn't realize until I looked back that I am overdoing a few movement patterns - need to switch it up better. No finisher today to recover a bit. Just some extra pipe and stretching.

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run

5 Miles in 57 minutes

Training Result - This run felt much better this week but I thought I would have a better time overall. I had alot more gas up the hills and felt smoother overall so I was happy with it regardless. These longer runs are making both of my calves super tight and sore though. I think it's because of the bigger heal on my running shoes - need to keep stretching them out...constantly! UGH

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - I made sure I had the time to do this properly and I felt soooooo much better...last week was a tough week. I am only going to do hard finishers 3x instead of 5x - I need the edge but I also can be beat up either.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brain Food #11 - A little nutritional miscellanea & some "punch me now" moments

I am starting to absolutely love my membership at the local franchise fitness place! 

Yep. You definitely read that right. I get a serious kick out of lifting there from time to time but not for the reason most people love to train at a particular gym. Most people pick their gym based on the training style or its atmosphere. Some examples that came to mind...
  • Crossfit is known for butt-whompings and occasionally serious soreness
  • Planet Fitness is known for having a "Lunk" alarm in case people grunt too loud or drop weights
  • Fury Performance is starting to be known for high quality performance training (OK - I'm biased)
While my purpose for joining 24/7 was strictly utilitarian at first, I think I might just keep my membership there for a bit after my Tough Mudder is over. Why would I do such a thing since I own my gym and have all kinds of cool toys to play with? Because every time I go in there I get to witness the most awesome displays of mamby pamby-ness and moronic training ever! Let me illustrate this with some real world examples that I will affectionately call "punch me now" moments.

You get the idea...
"Punch me now" moment #1 - Just today I happened to see one of the trainers take an older lady through a 20 minute shoulder/ab workout. For some perspective, this lady warm ups on a treadmill for 20 minutes at 2-3mph and probably hasn't voluntarily sweated in at least decade - you know the type if you go to chain gym. After she failed to do a basic lateral raise with 5lbs, he embarked on a series of advanced cuff drills that aren't normally used outside of rehab settings - drills that have crushed well conditioned athletes 30 years her junior. After her shoulders pretty much gave out, he started after her core with hanging leg raises for which she rewarded him with maybe 3-5 reps before giving out. After trying to coax a few more out of her, he did everyone a favor and moved her to a crunch machine to save all of us watching some extra misery. Please don't get me wrong - I am not hating on the lady. I just hope she didn't pay for her "awesome" workout because she got screwed.  Who certifies these people anyways?

"Punch me now" #2 -  I got to the gym at 9:30 and was gone by 10:20. In less than an hour, I got in full upper body workout consisting of the following:
I swear they were at my gym today!
1 Arm DB Press 35-60lbs x 5, 65-75lbs x 3, 80lbs x 2, 85lbs x 1 (Rock Grip Chins x1 )
DB Shrugs 5 x 10 x 85lbs (Fat Bar Chins x 1)
(Machine Side Raises x 5 x various reps/weights, Big Ball Push Ups 5 x 10, Monkey Chins x 1 or 2)

When I got there, a pair of Jersey Shore-esque jazzbos were doing curls of all sorts including 1 arm preacher curls, reverse curls, band burn outs. This easily went on for the whole first line of my of workout - 20 minutes solid (and they had started before I got there!). As I moved into the next line of my workout, they did as well. Did they switch up and go for triceps in this new loop of stupidity? Nah...MORE BICEPS WORK! To be fair, one started doing some machine pushdowns as if it mattered at this point.  If you throw in some flirting with the female "trainer", you had totally epic workout. Everyone should try this latest fitness craze sweeping the nation - BICEPS FOR 2 HOURS STRAIGHT! I know I will!

In all seriousness, this place is becoming a source of inspiration for me and I think I would miss it. Working out there has become a guilty pleasure of sorts that reminds me to neverrrrrr, everrrrrr suck for my clients. I guess seeing the stupid things in life helps you to appreciate doing things the right way for the right reasons, which is one of my unofficial mottos at Fury Performance. With that in mind, here is some high quality brain food to counter all of the suck-i-tude from above. Hope you enjoy it.

Sneaky Sources of BPA?!?!

Did you know that shopping receipts and food cans are surprising sources of BPA? Read this Charles Poliquin blog for more information on this alarming, little known fact.

Yo Quierro Taco Bell? NOT!

This article discusses the lawsuit that has been filed against Taco Bell claiming that the "beef" is their products is not "beefy" enough. A law firm had TM's "beef" tested and it contained less than 35% beef! GROSS!

Just a general comment - you shouldn't be eating at Taco Bell anyway. Fast food is fast food is fast food. To quote the noted social commentator Terrell Owens, "If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk - it's probably a skunk." Don't be fooled by TM's clever marketing or cheap prices - their food is complete junk!

Lifting is "Cardio"? Huh?

This is a humorous blog from Tony Gentilcore dispelling the notion that lifting isn't "cardio". If you don't like to use a stepper, elliptical, or treadmill to get your heart rate up, you will enjoy this.