Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brain Food #12 - Nutritional Minutua, Corporate Blood Suckers & Volume Junkies

 Hump day...What a glorious term for Wednesdays. Whoever thought of that one first should get a medal or something. Wednesdays are normally one of the busiest days at Fury Performance and I need a ton of energy to get through them. If I am going for the extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, this is the day for it. Somedays you just have to survive in order to get to Thursday. When Wednesdays are bad for me, it is like climbing Mt. Everest.
Hump that...
Ever have a  bad "hump" day? You know the ones I'm talking about - the days where it feels like "mountain" day. The type of day that sucks the life out of you for the rest of the week. The type of day that makes you want to hop in bed on Friday night at 9pm. Yeah - totally lame. That is about where I feel my Wednesday going today. For some reason, my I just ain't got the money at the moment - my energy account is empty. In celebration of my funk, I decided to not even pretend to be useful today and went blog surfing a bit. If you are staring at your own Everest and need to kill some time, this brian food is dedicated to you. Hope it helps you reach your personal summit.

The Alternate Universe of Corporate Fitness?

I grabbed the quote below from an article in Men's Journal by Daniel Duane after seeing it on Tony Gentilcore's blog. It's discussion of what is really going on in the corporate fitness industry is awesome and I encourage you to read the rest of the eye-opening piece. Its long but well worth - PROMISE!

"I signed a 10-page membership contract at a corporate-franchise gym, hired my first personal trainer, and became yet another sucker for all the half-baked, largely spurious non-advice cobbled together from doctors, newspapers, magazines, infomercials, websites, government health agencies, especially, from the organs of our wonderful $19 billion fitness industry, whose real knack lies in helping us to lose weight around the middle of our wallets."

Eat Whey Protein - Get Skinny? Seriously...

This is cool post from Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic on the weight loss potential of whey protein supplementation. She is known in the industry as an advocate of eating a high protein/low carb diet (but in a healthy way). Some of her earlier research and writings were instrumental in getting me to ditch carbs from my diet, which has led to a leaner me. Her stuff is always well researched and I highly recommend it.

Further Proof That Extra Innings Add Up...

I found this article on ESPN describing how post-season baseball teams often have lower ERA's in the following season, especially on staffs with less playoff experience. While no one knows for sure exactly why, this slump could probably be attributed to the increase in pitching volume and resultant decrease in recovery/training time in the off-season. Interestingly, more experienced staffs seemed to have less drop-off because they "knew" how to handle the extra work. Great reading for coaches who will throw their top young pitchers against teams they know they can beat with their #2 to "get them some work". These innings really do add up! Remember, these are well trained professionals who are slumping- not high school kids with suspect motivation, training habits, and eating habits (can you imagine how much more detrimental it is to a high school kid?). Throwing a kid to "get them some work" is an outdated thought process for youth athletes!

Is The USDA Finally Starting to Make Sense?

If you like to follow the latest updates in the field of nutrition, you are probably aware that the USDA (like most government agencies) is a somewhat unreliable source of information because of its heavy ties to various food lobbyists. However, as Jonny Bowden points out in this blog post, there are glimmers of hope to be found in the USDA's latest round of dietary guidelines. Of particular interest - the section on dietary fats and cholesterol. Let's hope the government continues to get "clued" in on impartial scientific research.

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