Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files - Week #6

Weeks until I get dominated - 4!

I just thought this was appropriate

Monday - Heavy LB
DB Step Ups - 5 x 10-45lbs, 4x 50-55lbs, 3x 60-70lbs, 2x 75lbs
Power rack and weight re-organization x ?

Training Result - I felt pretty good today after this workout. Just so you know...moving power racks and weights around by yourself is a pain and some great work capacity work...

Tuesday - Heavy UB
1 Arm DB Bench 25-85lbs x 5, 2 Arm DB Press 85lbs x 11 (Rock Grip Chins x1 )
Machine Shoulder Press 5 x 45lbs-90lbs per side at 5 lb set increments (Monkey Chins x 2)
Band Pull Aparts x 100

Training Result -Decided not to do work capacity stuff on Tuesday or Thursday from here on out - beat me up way too much that first week. And no warnings of the cold to stomp me all week - NONE...AT ALL! Bollocks!

Ok I wasn't this bad but the tissues are correct
Wednesday - Hills
Treadmill Hills - 60 secs runs (on inclines 15-5) alternating with 60 secs walk (flat)...

Training Result - And the "just enough to make you slight miserable" cold hit today so this wimpy workout was all I managed to get in. Not a good time for a weak training week. Oh well.

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
30 Minutes x Level 12 x Random.
3x (Big Ball Rollouts x10,  Big Ball Pot Stirs x 5 each, Side Plank Holds + 5lbs x 15sec each)

Training Result - I was able to get after it a bit more on the bike despite the cold holding neutral. The core work was a good mix and the low back felt strong. This makes me optimistic getting closer to the race.

Friday - TRX Circuit Day
10 x 5 (Advanced Pushups - Feet on Floor, Rope Rows, 1 Leg Squats)

Training Result - I got caught up in some business stuff and had to hustle through this workout but it actually wasn't so bad. I got a good total body pump from it and felt good afterward so considering the cold I think it was just right.

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run

7 Miles in 72 minutes
2 Hours Yoga Workshop

Training Result - I put a monster hill right in the middle of this run today to simulate the monster hill in the mudder. AND. IT. SUCKED! But I got through it alright with some cussing and snot rockets though. I will definitely look to beat this time next week. As for the yoga, I feel significantly better today after some forced stretching of my calves and hammies. It wiped me out for the rest of the day but it reminds me that I need to stretch those areas after running better.

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - I felt pretty good today after the post run yoga class got me stretched out yesterday so an easy pipe and band stretch today was all I needed.

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