Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Training Logs: 10/27-10/31 Get Spooky Yall!

10/27/2011 - Explosion Day
Trap Bar Jump Shrugs
10 x 3 x 115lbs
1 Arm KB Snatch
5 x 5 x 35lbs

* I actually liked the trap bar jump shrugs...I have been seeing quite a few articles of late discussing the value of weightlifting movements (cleans, snatches) for improving explosiveness...I don't like the wrist & shoulder stress for my kids so these will be a good substitute. The snatch felt good - need to go heavier next time.

10/29/11 - ME Lower Body
Leg Press
15 x 255
12 x 345
5 x 435
3 x 525
2 x 615
1 x 705, 795, 840, 885
3 x 1 x 795 (90%)
5 x 615

* My goal was to use a quad dominant exercise and leg press fit the bill nice...felt great to strain under a big weight while still working on deep breathing and packing the neck. It still works even in a max stability environment. If Poliquin is ok with some leg pressing once in awhile so am I...in the rotation it goes!

10/30/11 - Recovery Day
Pipe Rolling & Bands
Treadmill x 1 Mile x 3-5% grade (slightly better time this week)
TRX Bus Drivers 3 x 5 each
Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 10

* The treadmill didn't suck quite as bad today...have to man up and start doing more difficult inchworm variations - HLR are too easy....

10/31/11 ME Upper Body
Seated Military Press
10 x Bar
5 x 75
3 x 95
2 x 115
1 x 135, 150, 165, 175, 185, 190
3 x 1 x 180 (90%)
1 Arm DB Row
3 x 10 x 85
Dips & 1/2 Chins
3 x 5 each

* I have not done seated military press in a long time but it felt good...goal 225lbs...Dips felt good but chins were heavy...not sure why...

Fury Performance & Personal Training Newsletter: November 2011

Programming & Facility Announcements 

During the month of November, Fury Performance & Personal Training will begin instituting a membership system. This new system will accomplish two important objectives. First, it will allow FPT&PT to continually improve upon its core mission of providing elite semi-private training and personal training to its membership. Second, it will allow FPT&PT to continually improve and expand its service options to its membership. Please check in with Coach Green on your next visit to FPT&PT to get this process started.  

I happy to announce that I am now part of the Prograde Nutrition team! Their mission is to provide quality products without the glitzy marketing and pushy sales tactics found at the big box stores, which is something I really identified with. I will have some sample products at the facility in the coming weeks so I encourage you to give them a try to see what you can think. If you would like to find out more about the company and their products please the link provided - PROGRADE NUTRITION.

October Featured Athlete
Name: Paytn Cripps 
Age: 10 
Primary Sports: Softball, Basketball
FPT Training Resume:  10 months 
Notable Achievements at FPT:  30 Strict Push Ups, "Tight Rotations" w/ 6lb MB 
 Favorite FPT Activity: Side Planks 
The "List"  
Congrats to the NW Whitfield Lady Bruins on winning the regional championships in their division!
Congrats Taylor "Bug" Moran on making the all tournament team and being named tournament MVP & Player of the Year for her middle school league...BIG TIME!
Congrats to Kat Knarr on collecting her 1000th collegiate assist for Piedmont College!
Congrats to Bethany Cowart on matching the facility record on Broad Jump - 92 inches!
Congrats to Sawyer Lock for being accepted into the North Georgia College Boar's Head Brigade!
Congrats to the NW Whitfield Lady Bruins on placing 4th at the GA state softball tournament!
Congrats to Nicole Sumida on helping Baylor volleyball to their 2nd place finish at states!

Brain Food
Great Recipe - Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
Prograde Nutrition Article - Did You Know Fat Cells Get Sick?
Prograde Nutrition Article - How Fat Metabolism Works...
Mike Rousell - 3 Simple Fat Loss Strategies
Charles Poliquin - How Avoiding Alcohol Help You Stay Lean 
Mark Hyman - Food as Medicine?

Gunshow of the Month
Some Heritage peeps...
More Heritage Peeps...
Training Pic of the Month
JD rocking a TRX Row - Level 2...
Bonus Pic #1
My Student Coaches AKA The Peanut Gallery
Bonus Pic #2
Coach Bethany thought she would look good in 3XL!
Bonus Pic #3
A Silly Gunshow...
Bonus Pic #4
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