Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fury Performance Newsletter: May 2011

April Featured Athletes - Patrick & Makenzie Johnson
'Zie rocking a level 2 TRX push up w/ perfect technique!
Patrick crushing a Level 3 TRX push up w/ perfect technique!
This boisterous brother and sister duo have been hitting it hard 2x per week since January of this year and both have come along way in that time. Even though we butt heads from time to time, they are always up for a challenge and have readily embraced some of the more challenging techniques that we teach at the facility. If they continue to push themselves as they have been, I have no doubt that they will do big things this summer and beyond. Congrats to the Johnson's and keep up the hard work!

The "List"  
Congrats to Fury Boles & Fury Ellis on winning ASA Diamond Classic
Congrats to Fury Millwood and Fury Ellis on qualifying for ASA Nationals!
Jess Brown - Honorable Mention All Conference !

Welcome Aboard Courtney Smith!  
FPT's newest personal trainer mugging for the camera!
Gunshow of the Month
Training Pic of the Month
Aryn smoking sprinter leg
  Bonus Pic!
The Lady Tide's version of "show us your mean fac
Video of the Month

I didn't have time this month - I will get back on it next time!

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  1. I love that Z is killing the trac pushup with a boot on...