Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Training Log: 4/18 - 4/23

Monday - ME LB
Warm Up - Pipe Roll & Various mobility & R Glute Activations
Barbell Hip Thrusts
10 x 95
5 x 115, 135, 155, 185
3 x 205, 225, 255
5 x 3 x 275
Cool down - Pipe & Band Stretching

Notes: I started losing R glute control in the 275 sets - I have to focus HARD to keep my knee in the correct position.

Tuesday - ME Upper Body
Warm Up - A few simple mobilizations and stretches...
Neutral Grip Chins (Strict Plank) x 9, 8, 7
DB Military Press (Chin Ups - Strict Plank x 1)
5 x 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Heavy Bag Carries x 5 x 60 yards x various grips
Cool down - T Spine mobility, pec/lat stretch

Notes: Felt really strong on my chins - my old PR of 13 is going to fall soon. Decided to keep it simple today because I was losing focus in the local corporate place. I was strong on Military Press through the 75's which made it worth it.

Wednesday - Cardio & Work Capacity
Warm Up - None
Stepper x 30 minutes x Level 10 Intervals
Cool down - None

Notes: I love the stepper - it fries you in a good way. Going to go level 15 next time I do this.

Thursday - Explosion
Warm Up - SFMA Drills - MSF, MSE, Rotation emphasis
KB Swings x 20 x 35lbs x 3

Cool down - Stick work on R leg and both hammies

Notes: I have been really getting into Charlie Weingroff's SFMA stuff lately - it's fascinating stuff.  Personally, I have been working on problems in Flexion in my R rear kinetic chain and Extension in L hip flexor - a classic flexibility imbalance. I have also been able to stretch my R glute way better and with less pain in my knee than ever before using principles from the SFMA. Another Weingroff tip that you can see above is the addition of aggressive SMR w/ my Tiger Tail on some of my identified problems areas to work on the many adhesions that are predicted to be there. I am optimistic that putting all of this together is really going to get my knee back on track.

Friday - RE Lower Body & Core
Warm Up - SFMA Drills (MSF, MSE, Rotation)
1 Leg RDL's - 3 x 5 x 45 KB
Lateral Lunges 3 x 5 x Bodyweight
Front Plank Rows 3 x 10 each
Side Plank Rows 3 x 10 each
Hang Leg Raises 3 x 10
Cool down - None

Notes: All of this SFMA work is already starting to pay off with better range of motion in my hips and thoracic area. My knee is starting to feel better and I can "feel" my R glute more effectively also. This is AWESOME!

Saturday - Bodybuilding Day
Warm Up - Thoracic mobility drills
DB Bench 5 x 10 (Plank Chin Ups
Lat Pulldown 5 x 10 (Plank Neutral Chin Ups x 1)
DB Side Raise 5 x 10 (Plank Chins Ups x 1)
Pec Dec Rear Flies 5 x 10 (Plank Pull Ups x 1)
Cooldown - None - had to get out of the corporate hell hole

Notes: I felt pretty strong on this workout all around. My back assault is going well so I am predicting the chin up PR will fall mid-summer.

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