Monday, April 4, 2011

Training Log: March 28th - April 2nd

Monday ME LB
Warm Up - Various mobility & flexibility drills w/ emphasis on T-spine, R glute activation and hips
Trap Bar Deadlift
10 x 205
5x 265
3 x 315
2 x 330
1 x 350, 360, 370
T.U.T set - 225 x 12
Cool down - Pipe & Band Stretching

Notes: My breathing pattern and head position felt much better this time around - I definitely felt more locked in. These changes seem to be working as planned - the hips/low back were much less stiff after and the next day!

Tuesday - ME Upper Body
Warm Up - A few simple mobilizations and stretches...could have done better here...
Seated Military Press
10 x 115
5 x 150
2 x 160
1 x 170
1 x 185,190,195
TUT Set - 115 x 12
Nuetral Grip Chins (Max Reps Strict Plank) - 8,7,6
Push Ups 3 x 10
1 Arm DB Row
5 x 60,65,70,75,80
Cool down - T Spine mobility, pec/lat stretch

Notes: Felt real flat going in today so not sure if over estimated my military max or not - will give it one more week because it was heavy as crap today...row, chins, and push ups are felt strong...

Wednesday - Work Capacity
Warm Up - None
Bike x 20 minutes x Level 10 Intervals
Cool down - None

Notes: This was pretty easy...going to start pushing myself more in these brief workouts.

Thursday - Explosion
Warm Up - Quick Pipe Roll on Quads/IT Bands, T Spine Mob Work
Hang Clean - Push Jerk 5 x 5 x 115lbs
KB Swings 3 x 20 x 45lbs
Cool down - Band Stretch

Notes: My weightlifting technique is way off - very rusty! My R knee wasn't snapping back fast enough on cleans or jerks for my liking on the catch. It's getting better slowly but surely - just doesn't seem to have reflex ability yet.

Friday - RE Lower Body
Warm Up - None - need to fix this lazy trend I'm getting into...
1 Leg RDL's 3 x 5 x 45KB
Lateral Lunges 3 x 5 x Bodyweight
Side Plank Rows 3 x 10 x Green Tube
Basic Body Saws 3 x 10
Slider Inchworms 3 x 10
Cool down -None - again being lazy!

Notes: My core is not where it needs to be on resisting extension...think I have been dropping my head too much causing my low back to take over. I had much better control of RDL's and better depth on Lateral Lunge - the knee is definitely better.

Saturday - TRX Upper Body
Warm Up - Super quick T spine mob and upper body stretches - LAZY
Advanced Row 3 x 15
Feet Elevated Push Up 3 x 5 (1 Reebok Step)
1 Leg Squats 3 x 5
W-Y Press 3 x 5
Row - T Press 3 x 5
Bi's & Tri's 3 x 10 each
Cooldown - NONE

Notes: I decided to mix in the one leg squats and they weren't too bad. My upper back is definitely not strong right not - kept rooster necking on W-Y's and T-Press. Overall a decent workout but I am going to up the volume next time - wasn't sore the next day at all.

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