Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Training Log: 4/11-4/16

Monday - ME LB
Warm Up - Pipe Roll & Various mobility & R Glute Activations
Barbell Hip Thrusts
5 x 95, 135, 185, 225 x5
Cool down - Pipe & Band Stretching

Notes: I am trying to work this lift in to work on my strength out of the bottom of my deadlift even though my R glute doesn't like me that much. I felt pretty good until the last few sets - had to really focusing on driving through my full foot.

Tuesday - ME Upper Body
Warm Up - A few simple mobilizations and stretches...
Push Press
10 x Bar
5 x 95, 155, 175
3 x 195
2 x 205
1 Arm Bench 5 x 5 x 60lbs (3 Chins + 10lb vest)
TRX Level 2 Row 3 x 10 (DB Side Raise 3 x 10 x 20)
Heavy Bag Carries 4 x 60 yards x various grips
Cool down - T Spine mobility, pec/lat stretch

Notes: I worked out with one of my clients today and this was the majority of his workout. I felt legit on the push press and the chins were easy so my upper body training is on point. I am going to keep mixing in heavy bag carries - really enjoy those. I probably need to get on making a heavy sand bag too.

Wednesday - Cardio & Work Capacity
Warm Up - None
Stepper x 30 minutes x Level 10 Intervals
Cool down - None

Notes: I love the stepper - it fries you in a good way. Going to go level 15 next time I do this.

Thursday - Explosion
Warm Up - Quick Pipe Roll on Quads/IT Bands
Box Jumps - 5 x BW, +10, +10, +20, +10, +10, BW

Cool down - Band Stretch

Notes: I didn't do a great job warming up on this one - I could feel my R knee caving on some landings. On the positive, I got up that box with ease.

Friday - RE Lower Body
Warm Up - Hip Mob and Light Flex, Tiger Tail
Plate Good Mornings - 5 x 10 x 45lbs
Lateral Lunges 3 x 5 x Bodyweight
Cool down -None - again being lazy!

Notes: I really tried to emphasize the "short" foot technique (spreading the floor with the feet to load the glutes) I got from a Charlie Weingroff video and it changed the good mornings completely. I am pretty sure I actually felt some trigger point areas in both my calf and hammie in the R side pop apart. My R leg felt completely different the next day in those areas - definitely something to work on further.

Saturday - TRX Bodybuilding Day
Warm Up - None (Lazy)
TRX Level 2 Rows x 10 x 10 (TRX Level 2 Push Ups x 10)
Cooldown - NONE (LAZY)

Notes: I hadn't done this many TRX rows and push ups in awhile...I was feeling this one for several days.

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