Monday, April 11, 2011

Training Log: 4/4 - 4/9

Monday - ME LB
Warm Up - Various mobility & flexibility drills w/ emphasis on T-spine, R glute activation and hips
Trap Bar Deadlift
5 x 135, 185, 225
3 x 275
2 x 315
1 x 370, 380, 390
Drop set - 5 x 315, 225, 135 
Cool down - Pipe & Band Stretching

Notes: Glute activations, proper breathing, head position = better hip/core control = essential for DL success

Tuesday - ME Upper Body
Warm Up - A few simple mobilizations and stretches...
Seated Military Press
10 x 45
5 x 115, 155
3x 165
2 x 175
1 x 185
Nuetral Grip Chins (Max Reps Strict Plank) - 9,7,6
Push Ups 3 x 10
1 Arm DB Row
4 x 10 x 60
Cool down - T Spine mobility, pec/lat stretch

Notes: I must have had an off day last week on this lift because I was able to hit some pretty heavy sets fairly easily - felt pretty strong off the shoulders. I have been developing a knot in my upper shoulders (typing too much/sleeping funny) which is definitely messing with progress in pushing lifts. I felt pretty good in pulling movements though.

Wednesday - Off
Warm Up - None
Cool down - None

Notes: I ran out of time for this workout - going to hit it hard next week.

Thursday - Explosion
Warm Up - Quick Pipe Roll on Quads/IT Bands, Glute Activations, T Spine Mob, Hip Mob
Power Clean - Alternating Split Jerk 4 x 95, 95, 115, 135
Push Jerks - 5x 3 x 135
KB Swings 3 x 20 x 45lbs
Cool down - Band Stretch

Notes: My R knee and hip both behaved much better this week in these lifts - I was able to hinge at the hip much easier and felt much more fluid in my movements. Worked on looking down with a tucked chin on swings - definitely easier to reach back and get more posterior chain when doing this.

Friday - RE Lower Body
Warm Up - Hip Mob and Light Flex, Tiger Tail
1 Leg RDL's 3 x 5 x 45, 60, 60 KB
Lateral Lunges 3 x 5 x Bodyweight
Side Plank Rows 3 x 10 x Red Tube
Big Ball Rollout 3 x 10
Front Plank Row 3 x 10
Cool down -None - again being lazy!

Notes: Feeling much better on both RDL (better balance) and Lateral Lunges (more depth). My head position on all plank movements sucks - definitely need to work on that. The tiger tail will see a much heavier rotations in my warm ups - I have grown desensitized to the pipe in certain areas.

Saturday - Bodybuilding Day
Warm Up - Various Lower Trap and Shoulder Activations, Light Pec Stretching
Bench Press
10 x Bar
5x 95, 115, 135, 165
2 x 5 x 185
DB Bentover Row 4 x 10 (Plank Chin Up x 1)
1 Arm DB Military Press 4 x 10 (Plank Chin Up x 1)
Machine Tri Push Down/Machine Bicep Curl 5 x 10
Cooldown - NONE

Notes: I felt much stronger on bench with shoulders retracted - no pain in the L and more stable on the R. My upper back isn't firing right as mentioned previously but it is getting better. It felt good to go high reps the next day - fatigued but not overly sore.

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