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Brain Food #16 - NEWSFLASH: Fats Are Healthy & Sugar Is Nutritional Bomb!

I have decided to dedicate this Brain Food post solely to some pretty controversial nutritional topics because of my awesome fiance and the influence of her life experiences on my reading habits of late. Unfortunately, she is afflicted by Crohns's disease, which is a nasty bugger of an auto-immune disease. Basically, her body's immune system likes to periodically declare war on her digestive track. When it decides to do this, it reads rather high on the suck-o-meter. 
Luckily, she is being taken care of by the best Crohn's doc in the country and her body has declared a cease fire at the moment. She is running all over the city in her neon running shoes that glow in the dark and is thriving in two different but equally rigorous jobs as well. Sometimes, I don't know how she manages to do it all really.  

As I have been watching her winning her battles with the Crohn's crud over the last few years, I have found that my reading focus has shifted away from your typical meat head stuff (i.e. lift heavy weight, grunt, put down heavy weight, repeat) and onto the topics of nutrition, disease prevention, and general wellness more and more as the days go by. I think that this shift has come about mainly from my desire to better understand her situation so that I can be as supportive and helpful to her as possible (even though she hates me with a passion when I try to help her too much - she is rather stubborn and independent at times).

I probably find this funnier than she will...haha
Not only has this shift in my reading emphasis helped me to understand her better and strengthen our relationship, but it has also exposed me to some really mind-blowing information on how your diet can affect your health and well being over the long term. As I mentioned above, some of the stuff that I have highlighted below flies in the face of (mostly) conventional wisdom and is constantly swept under the rug by mainstream authorities (read anyone associated with the government or any of its agencies). My health and wellness have improved dramatically with my exposure to this info and I'm sure it will impact you too. I hope you enjoy the information!

Gluten Is Not Your Friend - I placed this article in the most recent Brain Food post but I think it is so important that I decided to re-post it again. It is written by Alessio Fasano, a leading researcher on the fight against Celiac's Disease, which is an auto-immune disease triggered by gluten (wheat protein) consumption. If you have chronic digestion issues or an auto-immune disorder, there are several sections that I think you will find interesting. I was so inspired by the conclusions of this article that I decided to eliminate as much gluten from my diet as possible. The result - I have lost 10lbs in 4 week while eating more food. Eliminating gluten is tough but I highly recommend that you try it (even if just for a week).

Sugar is a Nutritional Nuclear Bomb - I just found this article the other day courtesy of Tony Gentilcore and it is simply amazing. The author, Gary Taubes, has been researching the role of sugar in the diet for over 10 years and his conclusions are startling. More and more evidence is starting to show that dietary sugar (especially fructose) could be a leading pre-cursor to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer! This is a longer piece but it is well worth your time especially if you have children. My perspective will be forever changed because of this article. DO IT!

 The video below features Dr. Robert Lustig, the leading authority in the fight against childhood obesity, discussing the damaging effects of excess sugar in the human diet. Mind-blowing stuff!
Charles Poliquin Eats Butter & So Should You!
Here are two separate articles from two top notch authors that champion eating butter in place of crap like margarine or vegetable oils spreads. It turns outs that butter actually has numerous health benefits despite being a "fatty" food.  Both articles mention several different benefits so I recommend you read them both. I used to not eat butter because I thought it was bad for you but I have since converted back because of articles like this.

Brian St. Pierre Eats Butter Too! 

I am pretty sure I have highlighted this info in a previous Brain Food post but it is worth a re-post. Consumer Reports studied multiple widely available nutritional supplements and came up with a list of ones to avoid and a list of ones that are safe. If you take supplements, this is a quick but useful read.
Supplements to Avoid

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