Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brain Food #14 - A Literal Grab Bag of Cool Stuff To Read

Electric Cardio Machines Make You Fat?

This Charles Poliquin snarq-fest was most interesting to me because of the 5 bullet points at the bottom that blast machine cardio training for fat loss. Some very interesting stuff - this one minute read will definitely be thought provoking!

The Importance Of A Great Training Environment

This blog post from Tony Gentilcore talks about the importance of training environment and how it often can be the most significant factor in one's ability to make progress. We have had some blasts of the training intensity in certain groups similar to the ones shown in these videos already and I hope to have more in the future. Cressey Performance has been open alot longer than we have but I think we are on our ways!

Goblet Squat Fun!

A simple but effective means to refine squat technique - would you expect anything else from Dan John?

Reminder: Get Some Sun!

Shout out to Tony Gentilcore for finding this article by Dr. Allan Spreen on the hypocrisy found in the recommendations from the U.S. Institute of Medicine (I.O.M) on Vitamin D intake. The sheer ridiculousness of it is eye opening - further proof that money makes even smart people really stupid. If you are suspicious of the supposed "authorities" on health, wellness, and fitness in this country, please read this!

Some Cool Deadlifting Videos...
(And Good Info As Well)

This post from Charlie Weingroff is all about Deadlifts and has some monster pull videos in it. The accompanying info in fairly in-depth so take your time reading it. I also highly recommend Charlie's DVD set - Training =Rehab; Rehab=Training. Great Stuff!

What Does A World Class Athlete Look Like?

Here is a cool blog post that show the various body types of world class athletes from a variety of different sports. One common theme - to be a world class athlete you are more than likely going to be mean and lean. I was very inspired by this post and a shout to Brett Contreras for posting it.

 What Fruits & Veggies To Buy Organic

Here is a list of foods to buy organic to minimize chemical exposure from Charles Poliquin. As usual, great info from one of the top minds in the business.

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