Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files - Week 10

Monday - Lower Body
DB Reverse Lunges 5 x BW, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25lbs
Full Mobity and Flexibility Session

Training Result - This week is all about recovery for the legs and feeling good to me. I will spin the wheels some but I am saving it up for Saturday hence the light work. The 2-3 months of training will culminate in one 2-3 hour window so no need in my mind to go nuts this week. As an example as to why I think recovery is so vital, I felt strangely stiff yesterday and an old toe injury started to flair up when I got started with my warm up. I literally have no idea why the toe flared up or why a 5 mile treadmill run got me stiff but I don't plan on pushing it. My goal is to feel fresh and clean going into the mudder.

Tuesday - Heavy UB
Chins, Neutral Chins, Pull Ups x 6 each
1 Arm DB Rows 5x5x75lbs (DB Military Press 5x5x50lbs)
DB Hammer Curls 3x10
Tricep Pushdowns 3x10

Training Result -Just a good solid upper body workout here - nothing too fancy. 

Wednesday -Recovery Run
2 Miles on Treadmill w/no set pace

Training Result - I had 3 miles planned but had an important last minute biz meeting pop up so I had to cut this one short but I was flying along. Pretty sure that peaked myself properly.

Thursday - Recovery Run
2 Miles on Treadmill w/ no set pace

Training Result - I flew along again...the legs were feeling good!

Friday - Off
I just stretched a little bit here - I felt pretty good so I didn't feel the need to get too crazy.

Training Result -NA

Saturday -RACE DAY!

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