Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Tough Mudder Files - Week 9

Weeks Until I Get Dominated - 1!
 Monday - Heavy LB
Trap Bar Deadlift
5x 115,135,155,175, 195,215
4x 235,255,275,295
3x 315,335
2x 355,375

1x 395, 410 (Personal Record)

Andy Bolton can lift double my PR!
Training Result - I had planned on going for alot of reps in this lift to keep up on my strength/power endurance but a funny thing happened as I ramped up in weight - I felt locked in and grooved in. I haven't felt like that on deadlift in a long time and decided to try for a PR. You simply can't pass up a good deadlift day when you haven't had one in over a year. the midst of training for an endurance running event/mind screw with no emphasis on getting strong, I managed to break an 8 year PR two weeks out from the event. Sometimes the adaptive process takes some pretty strange turns...also my glutes have not been this sore in a lonnnnnnnnnnng time!

This sums up my benching experience...
Tuesday - Heavy UB
Bench Press
10x Bar, 95
5x 135,165
1x225 (shoulder pain)
5 x (Chins x 3, DB Shoulder Press x 40lbs)
5 x (DB Side Raises x 10 x 15lbs, Wall Slides x 10)

Training Result - Since I PR'ed on Deadlift the other day, I decided to see how I would fare on bench. I haven't regularly benched since I busted up my left shoulder last year playing rugby so I was curious. As my numbers indicate - I still suck at bench and still get pain with heavier weights. I could have probably gone heavier but I didn't want to blast it again. Experiment failed. As I think about this workout, I pretty much mailed it in for some reason. Trying to stay focused on the biz and on being in shape for the mudder is really sapping my mental and training energy. Blah.

Wednesday - Hills
30 Minutes x 3mph x Alternating Flat & Level 15 Grades

Training Result - Another day and another wimpy workout...I did this one just to get the blood flowing and to do SOMETHING. I know I can't miss any training days so this had to do. Need...To...Get...Over...The...Hump!!!!

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
30 Minutes x Level 10 x Intervals.

Training Result - Level 10 was flipping easy compared to last week...I started to feel a bit better physically and mentally after this workout though...some optimism magically creeped into my head later in the day...I think the "Hump" has passed.

Obligatory snarqey optimism poster

Friday - Off
I decided to take another day off - this was more for mental recovery than anything else. Physically, I felt pretty good but I still felt the need to NOT train.  Prior this week, I had been really busy at work/training and it started to psych me out a bit think, which was causing me to dread the race. Definitely a bad situation there. I think I took this day off to preserve my mental mojo more than anything. Something tells me that going into a race that will absolutely crush me physically with a good mindset is probably more important than being physically legit, over-trained, and mentally unprepared.

Training Result -NA

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run
5 Miles - 53 mins (Treadmill)

My Personal "Hump" - Summited!
Training Result - It has literally been pissing down rain all day in greater Chattanooga area so I had to resort to a treadmill run, which I don't like to do too much of because it doesn't really help real running IMO. However, it actually wasn't that bad and I actually had some moments of friskiness. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! As I alluded to earlier in this post, my physical and mental mojo were starting to wane, making what is certain to be an ass-whooping feel like a potentially insurmountable challenge. Indeed, as unfortunate as it is to admit this, my mojo was so depleted late last week that I considered bagging the race altogether! I know, I know, what a wimpy attitude to have going into the mudder. However, this run told me my mojo was returning. While it still sucks for a 250lb mesomorph to run 5+ miles, I am happy to report that worst of the training is over and I might be starting look forward to the mudder again in its own crazy way. Ah the joys of recovery!

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - Even though I feel pretty good, I still got this can never feel too good!

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