Monday, February 7, 2011

The Tough Mudder Training Files: Week #5

Weeks until I get dominated - 5!

This came up when I searched "domination" - for you Wes!
Monday - Heavy LB
Box Squat - 5x Bar -135lbs, 4x 155-225lbs, 3x255lbs, 2x275lbs, 1x295lbs, 1 x 315lbs
Low Handle Prowler x 3 x 60 yards (15lb MB Floorbreakers x 10)
Farmer's Walks - unknown number of them while moving donated plates around.

Training Result - The extra cardio is starting to sap my strength some but the 315 was pretty clean and the knee held up well. No soreness but volume was low due to time - need to add more here.

Tuesday - Heavy UB
1 Arm DB Press 35-60lbs x 5, 65-75lbs x 3, 80lbs x 2, 85lbs x 1 (Rock Grip Chins x1 )
DB Shrugs 5 x 10 x 85lbs (Fat Bar Chins x 1)
(Machine Side Raises x 5 x various reps/weights, Big Ball Push Ups 5 x 10, Monkey Chins x 1 or 2)
Boxer Heavy Bag Farmer Walks x 5 x 60yds x various holds

Training Result - Definitely can tell I worked upper body but no massive soreness anywhere. My friggin' hands and fingers are tired from all the grip work but I know that it's going to pay dividends down the line. I did the heavy bag carries later in the day - way too easy - should have done 10. No clue how heavy the bag is either.

Wednesday - Steps
Stepper x 30 Minutes x Random x Level 10
Various KB Loaded Carries x 60 yds x 30 yds

Training Result - If you are using the elliptical or treadmill to "condition" yourself, you really need to get on the stepper. You will get wayyyyyy more done in less time - I can promise you that. There is a reason why gyms are phasing them out - THEY SUCK (but in a good way). The X carry that I got from Dan John was particularly tough when I went 35lbs in a farmers position and 60lbs in waiter's position. I will have to remember that one.

Thursday - Bike, Core, & Flex/Mob
25 Minutes x Level 10 x Random.
5x 10 (Slider Inchworm, TRX Myagis, Vertical Pallof Press)
5 x 60 yds x Back/Front Sled Drags w/ Big Rope

Training Result -The bike was only tough in a few segments so I am going to jack it up again next week. I am going to just go bike on this day to make sure I am mixing movement patterns well. The core work wasn't so hard but the sled drags really sucked. I didn't have a chance to do enough Flex/Mob work and I paid the price today - I was pretty stiff and sore and my knee is acting back up.

Friday - TRX Circuit Day
This was me after all the finishers...
Push Ups with 1 Leg Elevated x 5each
1 Arm Rows x 5 each side
Inchworms x10
Hip Bridges x 10
TRX Vertical Pallof Press x 5 each side

* Repeated this 5x as I cleaned up the place.

Training Result - I was feeling pretty beat up today from all of the various finishers I have been adding in so I decided to back off and get some light work in. I also didn't realize until I looked back that I am overdoing a few movement patterns - need to switch it up better. No finisher today to recover a bit. Just some extra pipe and stretching.

Saturday - LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) Training Run

5 Miles in 57 minutes

Training Result - This run felt much better this week but I thought I would have a better time overall. I had alot more gas up the hills and felt smoother overall so I was happy with it regardless. These longer runs are making both of my calves super tight and sore though. I think it's because of the bigger heal on my running shoes - need to keep stretching them out...constantly! UGH

Sunday - Recovery (Various Mobility & Flex Work)

Training Result - I made sure I had the time to do this properly and I felt soooooo much better...last week was a tough week. I am only going to do hard finishers 3x instead of 5x - I need the edge but I also can be beat up either.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!! I used to luv the freaking Nation of Domination...back before the Rock was cool!!!!