Monday, February 21, 2011

Brain Food #12 - Some Odds & Ends & Mambi Pambi Destruction!

So I was at my favorite corporate fitness gym today doing reverse lunges with DB's in their jammed up free weight section. No one who designs these places seem to realize that some people actually need room to move around with heavy DB's from time to time and don't totally suck but I digress.  Around me attempting to "work out" were a few "I grunt while doing curls with 25's with gloves on" posers. I personally don't think that you should able to wear gloves if you can't pick up a DB or bar loaded with enough weight to actually damage the skin on your hands but I digress again. As I progressed up the DB stack doing sets of five on my lunges, one of the valiant posers around me starting doing lunges as well. He started with the 30's by the time I was up to the 40's and we proceeded to have a subtle but intense lunge battle to see who would control the DB area for the rest of the time. As I moved up to the 45's and then the 50's and then the 55's, he followed suit and slowly started to get crushed his DB's (and my mojo). I could tell his knees were barking and he switched exercises to...

wait for it...

not yet...



He was in my gym!
What the bleep right? It was like he had lost the battle but still thought he had a chance to win the war. Bleeping moron. So I picked up the 60's and did a set of four and then the 65's for another set of four. In between my sets, he managed to crank out a massive set of curls and then acted like he was crab fishing on the Berents sea or something. As he "recovered", he seemed to realize that he was cramping my style and moved to the other side of the DB area and then left altogether. I didn't even say a word to him nor look in his direction - he just knew that I was the boss and he had to go. I eventually worked up to 85's for two and two other pencil necked geeks in the room had left as well.


Enjoy the brain food! 

Can Money Be Better Spent On Keeping Athletes Healthy?

This is an interesting article I found (courtesy of Eric Cressey) that talks about the costs & benefits to MLB baseball teams for spending more money on their medical staffs in order to keep the players that they do have healthy and off the DL. Pretty interesting logic on why sometimes proactive injury prevention in the performance setting can yield big time dividends for athletes.

Take Care Of Yo' Liver Baby!

The liver is a "sneaky" important organ in your body. Think about it...have you ever noticed that some of the hardest problems to resolve on cheeseball doctor shows deal with the liver? Sure - the heart and lungs get most of the glory but if your liver is screwed up, it is likely you are going to be really screwed up too. This is a cool article from John Meadows that discusses liver function, its importance, and how to improve it. I didn't like his stuff that much at first but I really starting to dig it now. He comes up with some quality info on topics that you don't hear about much. I highly recommend his work.

Skinny Fat Guys Beware - Don't Piss Off Mark Rippetoe

DISCLAIMER: There is some very salty language in the article below - if you are the sensitive type please skip this one!

This post features Mark Rippetoe's take on recovery and weight gain for "newbie" trainers and how most of them screw it all up. Mark is known for his no-nonsense approach to training and this article is definitely in the same vein. If you have a sarcastic, snarkey side like I do, you will surely appreciate this one.

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