Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fury Performance & Personal Training Newsletter - October 2011

Programming & Facility Announcements

YouthFit Training Classes for 7-9 years olds - Tuesdays @6:30 - sessions are only $ me at if you are interested! 

New Fury Performance gear is in...if you would like a shirt please contact me or catch me at the facility...I have a variety of sizes for each of the different shirts...

September Featured Athlete
Congrats Skyler!
Name: Skyler Grimes
Age: 12
Primary Sports: Soccer
FPT Training Resume: October 2010
Notable Achievements at FPT:
24 inch Box Jump, 60lb Kettlebell Deadlift

Favorite FPT Activity:
Push Up in the Power Rack

The "List"  
Congrats to Aryn Sanders, Hannah Kincer, & Maddie Millwood on making the Hamilton County middle school all star team!

Gunshow of the Month
DB stylin' before her workout...
Training Pics of the Month
Kristy getting her kettlebell deadlift on...
The inaugural Red Bank Fire training group.
Bonus Pic
I don't know why post-Prowler pictures are so funny to me...
 Video of the  Month 

2011 Newsletters

Training Log: 9/28/11 - Quick hitting Lower Body and some other junk

Lower Body

Goblet Squats (DB Military Press)
2 Warm Ups - 5 x 35, 45
5 x 10 x 85 (5 x 10 x 50)

* The first few of the goblet squats felt like crap due to my Monday sumo workout but I was locked in for the last few sets. Sets 3-5 on the press burned like bloody hell - sucked way worse than I anticipated.

Another pre-wedding LB stinker featuring goblet squats...imagine that!
Goblet Squats
10x 35, 45, 3 x 10 x 60

*In all seriousness, deep goblets are probably the easiest way to get a quick lower body workout in that hits all the bases...the key is DEEP though.

The "All Kinds of Scribbling" UB workout...
Military Press
10 x Bar
5 x 65,85, 115, 135
3 x 145, 155, 165, 175 (Pull Ups x 2 )
2 x 185
1 x 195

Plate Front Raise 5 x 10 x 25lbs
Neutral Chins 5 x 3
Push Ups 5 x 10

*I think this we two different days but were scribbled on the same page so I included both. Apparently, I just randomly decided to start supersetting pullups in section one. 195lbs on strict military press ain't too shabby though.  Section 2 was all supersetted together. I have to get better at my notations.  I also have no idea when these occurred.

Training Log: 9/27/11 - Not quite the Tour de France yet

Bike Intervals x Level 7 x 30 Minutes
TRX Vertical Pallof Press 3 x 5 each
TRX Fallouts x 3 x 10

*Similar to the stepper last week...level 7 wasn't too bad. Core is also getting stronger.

A LB workout hardly worth the time it took to write...
Trap Deadlift
5 x 135, 155, 175, 195, 215
225 x 5 x 3

*this must have been wedding time...haha

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Training Log: 9/26/11 - Sumo Styling

LB Training Day
Deep Breathing Drills x 10
Pipe Rolling & Thoracic Extensions x 10

Sumo Deadlifts (supersetted TRX Level 2 Row x 5)
10 - 1 - 10 ladder...95lbs - 185lbs - 105lbs...10 lb jumps starting at 185 x 2 on way down

* I did a warm up...GO ME!!! Really helped my back from flaring up...SCORE! A little bit of knee pain through - something is off in my technique I think...

Late Summer UB Day...
1 Arm KB Press
5 x 35, 45, 60 x 5
DB Bentover Row 5 x 5 x 45 (supersetted MB Push Ups x 5)
DB Curl & Press 5 x 5 x 35

*Another pre-wedding suck fest I boring...

Training Log: 9/23/11 - I hate Snatches in all forms...

Olympic Lifting Day
Power Clean - Split Jerk
5 x 4 x 135 (1/2 reps split each way)

Hang Snatch + Snatch Press
5 x 3 +3 x 95 (3 press on 3rd snatch)

*As the title says - I absolutely can't get into snatches. I just never seem to feel fluid on them. Split jerks with a left leg lead are also pretty tough too - next time I am going to work all left leg to work out the imbalance I have on that leg.

Older LB workout from the late summer...
Goblet Squats
10 x 35,45,60, 80, 90
5x 110,120,130

*I must have been sore after this one with all those reps...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Training Log: 9/22/11

Stepper x Intervals x Level 7 x 30 minutes
Pallof Press
3 x 5 x 42.5lbs
Side Plank Rows
3 x 5 x Purple Tube

*Stepper was easier than expected...time to jack it up again...a little wimpy on the core work today...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Training Log: 9/21/11

DB Sumo DL (supersetted 5x Push Up)
10 - 1 - 10 ladder...40bs -  85lbs - 40 lbs...5 lb jumps

*The push ups were surprisingly easy today...knew the sumos would be but just needed a quick hitting hinge movement.

A TB workout from my Florida vacation...
1 Arm Cable Press (supesetted chin ups x 2)
5 x 5x
1 Arm Cable Row/1 Arm DB Press (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5 x 5x each
Depth Push Ups/Goblet Squats (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5x 5x each
1 Arm Bulg. Split Squats/1 Leg RDL (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5x 5 each
DB Curls/Overhead Tri Extension (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5x 10x

*This was a hell of a workout in review...Need to get back in the saddle like this!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Training Log: September 20th, 2011

Prowler x 10 x Hi/Low x 20 yards
Body Saws 3x10
Slider Inchworms 3 x 10

* I hate the prowler sometimes abs were already sore from front squats and chins yesterday so I was less than enthused about doing core work today...

Lame Pre-wedding UB workout
TRX Push Up + 1 box x 10 x 5
TRX Rows x 20 x 5
DB Side Raise x 10 x 5

*Weak weak weak!

Training Log: September 19th, 2011

Monday Sept. 19th
Front Squats(supersetted 2x chin ups of various grips)
10 - 1 - 10 ladder...45lbs - 135lbs - 55 lbs...10 lb jumps

*I stayed at 135lb for the 2x working down and was dying by the end of this. Curse Dan John and his ladder ideas! Tried to my chin ups with a strict plank...didn't go so well. Felt harder than they should have been

Lame LB workout from before the wedding...
1 Leg RDL's
Goblet Squats

*All I can do is shake my head...getting nowhere fast with this one...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Training Log: September 16th, 2011

Clean - Push Jerks
3x 95, 105, 115, 125, 135lbs
Snatch Press - Overhead Squats
5x 3x 95

* I did these with my NB Minimus' about a balance and ankle mob challenge. Wayyyy harder than I thought it would be. I guess it didn't help that my hammies were crushed from Wednesday still...

Ancient RE UB...
Military Press
5x 95,115,135 x 5
5 x 40
MB Push Ups 
5 x 5
EZ Curl Bi's/Tri's
5 x 95lbs

* this one just looks wonder I put on 10lbs before the wedding...

Training Log: Sept. 15th, 2011

Bike x 30 Min x Level 5 x Interval Program
3 x 20 secs Tight Rotations x 6lbs (Side Planks 3 x 15 sec x 15lbs)

My conditioning is coming back up quick...this was a piece of cake. Hammies were definitely sore from all the RDL's...been awhile

Blast from the past workout...ME/RE LB

Sumo Deadlift
5x 95,115,135
3x 185, 225,275
Goblet Squats 5 x 10 x ?
TKE's 5 x 20 x Red - Left Knee Only

Oh hell...who knows where I was going with this one.

Blast from the past workout #2 - ME/RE UB?
Chins x 3, 3, 3
DB Press
5x 35-60  (5lb jumps)
1 Arm DB Jerks
3x 65-85 (5lb jumps)
Charlie Weingroff Push Ups 3 x 5
Lat Pulldowns 3 x 10 x 140lbs
EZ Curl & Press - OH Tricep Extension 3 x 5 x 95

This was a truly random workout for sure...weak on chin ups!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Training Log: Sept. 14th, 2011

DB RDL's (supersetted 3x 135lbs on standing overhead press)
10 - 1 - 10 ladder...40bs -  170lbs - 40 lbs...10 lb jumps

*These loads were way too easy probably but also allowed me to work on popping my glutes and breathing so all was not a great sweat from it though...

Another old ME LB workout from 6-8 weeks ago...
5x 95, 115, 135, 155, 175
3 x 5 x 185 lbs
Goblet squats 3 x 10 x 35lb

* I think this workout qualifies as "just trying to get something in"...lame...

Training Log: Sept. 13th, 2011

Stepper x 30 Min x Level 5 x Interval Program
3 x 10 Pallof Press x 37.5lbs (Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 10)

You ain't stepping if you don't almost fall off the stepper at least once during your workout. Time to up the ante next time around....

Blast from the past workout...RE UB

SFMA drills - MSF, Rotatation, & another I can't translate

1 Arm KB Press & Rows 5 x 5 x 45lbs
Face Pulls 5 x 20 x Red
DB Lat Raises x 5 x 10 x 15lbs (thumbs up)

Note: Need to back to work on my SFMA stuff and make it a habit...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Training Log: Sept 12th, 2011

Having just purchased a house, gotten married, and gone on an awesome honeymoon, I realized the other day that I have let my blog to hell over the past few months! After watching several great presentations at a conference recently, I got all fired up and resolved to get this puppy going again.

The last thing I was regularly blogging on was my daily training so I decided to start back up with thats. The next few weeks of training post will feature my daily workout as well as what I have been doing over the past few months in my blogger doldrums.

Here goes...

Monday Sept. 12th
Goblet Squats (supersetted 2x chin ups of various grips)
10 - 1 - 10 ladder...25lbs - 120lbs - 40 lbs...10 lb jumps
I jumped from 85 to 100 near the top before I came back down. I weighed in at a glorious 270lbs so 40 chin ups felt alot better than I expected but reminded me of how many I could probably have done at 250lbs. FATTIE!!!

An old ME LB workout from 6-8 weeks ago...
Trap Deadlift
5x 155, 175, 195, 215, 225, 250, 275, 295, 315

* I remember this wasn't so bad at the time during the crazy summer period. I think if I can hit a 405x5, the 500+ DL goal is very attainable in a short time.

Fury Performance & Personal Training Newsletter - September 2011

Programming & Facility Announcements

YouthFit Training Classes for 7-9 years olds - Tuesdays @6:30 - sessions are only $ me at if you are interested!

If you would like your team to train at Fury Performance, please contact Coach Green ASAP - team training times are going fast!
August Featured Athlete - JD Day 
JD in the middle of the Toe Touch - Squat - Reach Drill
Name: JD Day
Age: 9
Primary Sport: Baseball
FPT Training Resume: August 2010
Notable Achievements at FPT:
60lb KB deadlift
Favorite FPT Activity: Reaction Balls
The "List"  
Congrats to Kara Headrick, Mallory Souther, & Colby Thomas on helping the GA Attitude 96 win the Georgia NSA state title and place 3rd in the USFA Nationals!
Congrats to Nicole Sumida on committing to Lee University to play volleyball!
Congrats to Bethany Cowart on committing to ETSU to play softball!
Gunshow of the Month
Riley - YouthFit Beast!
Training Pics of the Month
Ash wasn't particularly friendly after this picture.
Bonus Pic
Sam definitely had to be talked into this one
 Video of the Month