Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Training Log: 9/21/11

DB Sumo DL (supersetted 5x Push Up)
10 - 1 - 10 ladder...40bs -  85lbs - 40 lbs...5 lb jumps

*The push ups were surprisingly easy today...knew the sumos would be but just needed a quick hitting hinge movement.

A TB workout from my Florida vacation...
1 Arm Cable Press (supesetted chin ups x 2)
5 x 5x
1 Arm Cable Row/1 Arm DB Press (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5 x 5x each
Depth Push Ups/Goblet Squats (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5x 5x each
1 Arm Bulg. Split Squats/1 Leg RDL (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5x 5 each
DB Curls/Overhead Tri Extension (supersetted chin ups x 1)
5x 10x

*This was a hell of a workout in review...Need to get back in the saddle like this!

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