Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training Log: 9/28/11 - Quick hitting Lower Body and some other junk

Lower Body

Goblet Squats (DB Military Press)
2 Warm Ups - 5 x 35, 45
5 x 10 x 85 (5 x 10 x 50)

* The first few of the goblet squats felt like crap due to my Monday sumo workout but I was locked in for the last few sets. Sets 3-5 on the press burned like bloody hell - sucked way worse than I anticipated.

Another pre-wedding LB stinker featuring goblet squats...imagine that!
Goblet Squats
10x 35, 45, 3 x 10 x 60

*In all seriousness, deep goblets are probably the easiest way to get a quick lower body workout in that hits all the bases...the key is DEEP though.

The "All Kinds of Scribbling" UB workout...
Military Press
10 x Bar
5 x 65,85, 115, 135
3 x 145, 155, 165, 175 (Pull Ups x 2 )
2 x 185
1 x 195

Plate Front Raise 5 x 10 x 25lbs
Neutral Chins 5 x 3
Push Ups 5 x 10

*I think this we two different days but were scribbled on the same page so I included both. Apparently, I just randomly decided to start supersetting pullups in section one. 195lbs on strict military press ain't too shabby though.  Section 2 was all supersetted together. I have to get better at my notations.  I also have no idea when these occurred.

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