Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Training Log: 9/23/11 - I hate Snatches in all forms...

Olympic Lifting Day
Power Clean - Split Jerk
5 x 4 x 135 (1/2 reps split each way)

Hang Snatch + Snatch Press
5 x 3 +3 x 95 (3 press on 3rd snatch)

*As the title says - I absolutely can't get into snatches. I just never seem to feel fluid on them. Split jerks with a left leg lead are also pretty tough too - next time I am going to work all left leg to work out the imbalance I have on that leg.

Older LB workout from the late summer...
Goblet Squats
10 x 35,45,60, 80, 90
5x 110,120,130

*I must have been sore after this one with all those reps...

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