Sunday, March 27, 2011

Training Log: March 21st - 26th

Monday - Max Effort LB

Warm Up
Pipe Rolls - IT Band/Quad
Toe Touch Pipe Squeeze x 5 Toes Up & 5 Toes Down
Circling Fire Hydrants, Wide MC's, Bridges w/ Opp. Touch, Back Roll-V Sit, Spiderman Lunge w/ Opp. Rot. x 5 each
T Spine Arches on Foam 1/2 Tube x 10 + T Spine Crunches w/ Tennis Balls x 5 each (3 zones)

Max Effort Trap Bar Deadlift (emphasis on proper breathing/head position)
10x 115
5x 225, 245
3x 285
2x 315
1x 330, 335, 350

Cool Down
Pipe Rolling - IT Band & Quad
Up Dog - Down Dog Transitions x 5
Spiderman Lunge w/ Opp. Rot. x 5 each

I have been working on correct breathing patterns and head position after watching some of Charlie Weingroff's work and seeing great results with it in my clients. It is a subtle change but you definitely feel locked into correct position when you do it right. 335 felt harder to me than 350 because I was dropping my chin.

Tuesday - ME Upper Body

Warm Up 
Arm Circles x 5 each side, 20 Chain Breakers, Various Light Stretches

Seated Military Press
10 x 115
5 x 135
3x 155
2x 165
1x 170, 180, 185
15 x 95 (T.U.T. Set)

Neutral Grip Chins (Strict Plank Style)
7 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps 

1 Arm DB Row
5x 60,65, 70, 75,75

Push Ups (Strict)
3 x 10 reps

Upper Back Spiky Ball Releases & T Spine Crunches

Felt weak off the shoulders on that 185 attempt - definitely been awhile since I have gone that heavy. I normally can pull rows with 85-100lbs DB's but once you get that head locked in the right spot, 75's suddenly get heavy. I am really pumped to see if my upper back on the right side starts feeling better with this new emphasis (too much typing!)

Wednesday - HIIT/Work Capacity

Stepper x 20 mins x Level 10

After going a couple of sessions on Level 20 during mudder training, this was a walk in the park. Go figure.

Thursday - Explosion Day

Warm Up
Pipe - IT Bands, Quads, Groin
Down Dog-Up Dog Transitions, Spidermans w/ Opp. Rotation, Hip Bridge w/ Opp. Touch x 5 each
Plate Good Mornings x 10

Hang Cleans (Emphasis on Technique)
5 x 5 x 95lbs

Jerks (Emphasis on Technique)
Push Jerks 3 x 5 x 95lbs
Alternating Split Jerks 3 x 4 x 95lbs

KB Swings
3x 20 x 35lb

Pipe & Band Stretch

The weights were incredibly light but my technique is rusty - need to load this higher to really break it down. Wrists were really tight which limited a tight rack. Swings felt awesome!

Friday - RE Lower Body

Warm Up
-Loose From AM Clients

Single Leg RDL (emphasis on hip position/glute loading)

3 x 5 x 35lbs

Lateral Lunge w/ 10lb Plate Press Out (emphasis on ROM)

3 x 5 x Bodyweight

Core Superset
TRX Vertical Pallof Press 3 x 5 each/Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 10/MB Side Twist Passes 3 x 5 each

Quick Band Stretch

I didn't go really heavy on weight or volume so I can start getting a handle on my knee. There are definitely some flex/mob deficits & imbalances in my right leg. Both the SLDL and LL felt restricted on that side. No pain though which is good.

Saturday -RE Upper Body (Bodybuilding Style)

Warm Up
Arm Circles, Chainbreakes, and various upper back activations

Bench Press (Emphasis on Technique)
10x Bar
5 x 95, 115, 135, 155lbs

1 Arm Straight Arm Pulldown (Chin Up x 1)
4 x 12 reps

Seated Row (Chin Up x 1)
4 x 12 reps

DB Press (Chin x 1)
4 x 12 reps

Reverse Curls (DB Side Raises x 10, Chin Up x 1)
4 x 12 reps

1 Arm Tricep Pushdowns (Face Pulls x 10, Chin Up x 1)
4 x 12 reps


I didn't get particularly sore from this workout despite the volume. Even though I am trying some bodybuilding stuff, I am still working on technique on several lifts - particularly head position. If you "rooster neck" on rows - try to keep your head neutral. I almost guarantee you are doing it wrong and relying on biceps/upper traps if you are thinking about. Also, belly breathing and keeping the upper back tight on bench was much harder than I anticipated. I got to 155 before I couldn't stay tight. Massive room for improvement there but no shoulder pain.

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