Monday, July 19, 2010

A snail's pace and evil laugh somewhere out there...

I just finished my first blog post and it took me 45 minutes. Blaes would probably chuckle at this since she is a gifted writer and I am not. Words come easy to her - she literally can paint a picture with them. Me? I trudge along like a sloth when I try to write creatively and sometimes the picture ain't so pretty. This dilemma takes me back to a creative writing class I took in college. Yes Blaes, you read that correctly - I took a writing class in college.

Basically, the premise was that to be a good writer you had to write alot and write often. The point was that the next great story could come out of the most trivial idea. You would never know unless you didn't write it down and try to develop it.  At the time, I HATED the class and its shrew-like professor. She got on my nerves so bad and I really sucked at that course.  I just wouldn't write enough content or nearly often enough to do the process justice and I got a Crap grade.

The ultimate irony? I have started a blog - a concept based on creativity and content because I wanted to write more. I also locked up all these thoughts for so long that I did exactly what this professor warned us against - I lost some of them at time when I desperately wanted them the most.

Damn those evil ironic laughs...aren't they the worst?

Time to create - 15 mins! HA!

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