Friday, September 10, 2010

Brain Food - 9/10/10

To slide or not to slide? You decide...

This is a great blog post by Charlie Weingroff, a PT and powerlifter, on the supposed potential danger of using slide boards in training. This assertion was made by Charles Poliquin (another industry favorite of mine) and Charlie methodically analyzes why he thinks Poliquin is incorrect. If you want to see how strength coaches should evaluate an exercise for inclusion (or exclusion) in program design, this is a textbook example of how to do it.

Full Disclosure - We have a slide board at Fury Performance and I think its a great training tool.

A better way to do Lat Pulldowns

This blog post from Mike Reinhold has some great tips and a good video on how to improve lat pulldown performance. As he discusses, the vast majority of people (including me!) do not peform this exercise as effectively as they probably could. Interestingly, we have been using two stretch bands to accomplish this same training set up at FPT that Mike recommends for awhile now due to our equipment limitations. Pretty cool.

Maybe someday...

A video tour of Joe DeFranco's new gym...this kind of stuff keeps me motivated to keep growing FPT!

The importance of proper nutrition for athletes.

Great profile of minor league pitcher Shawn Haviland that describes his complete 180 on the eating habits typical of many athletes today. Shawn trains at Cressey Performance and follows the Precision Nutrition system created by John Berardi.

Sitting around all day = bad back

Here is an article that discusses why the more we sit the more our back is likely to hurt. Previous articles that I have found on this topic have been a tad dense but this one does a good job of speaking to the layman.

More is not always better...

This article is written by Kevin Neeld, an elite hockey performance specialist. He talks about how practice and competition demands (and associated training demands) of many young athletes have become totally skewed away from the principals of proper long term development. The most instructive quote of the whole article for me was as follows...

"From a training standpoint, the goal is to get the maximum benefit from the minimum amount of training."

This is a must read for any sport or performance coach! 
10lbs in 10 days...yeah right - get over it fatty!

This is a short blog post by Leigh Peele that discredits many of the sensational claims made in the media about rapid fat loss programs. Basically - it is not humanly possible! This post reminds of the countless times athletes have asked me the following question, "Coach, I only have 3 weeks until the beach - can you help me lose the fat on my (insert some random fatty area of their body)?".  Somehow they never seem to like my answers...
The 3 rules of training programs for young athletes... 
This blog post was written by Brian Grasso, the director of the IYCA. The three principles he outlines speak really well to what we are trying to accomplish at FPT...cheers Brian.

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