Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brain Food - 9/4/2010

Eat like a caveman!

This is a cool article about the "Paleo Diet", which is designed to mimic our evolutionary eating habits. The proponents of this diet say it is unrivaled for both performance and overall health because it eliminates the "stressful" foods found in the modern diet. Definitely worth a read.

Concussions really are that dangerous!

This is a must read article for all parents and/or athletes who are concerned about concussions. It details the story of three prominent baseball players who have suffered concussions and are struggling with the aftermath. Yes - baseball players...traditionally non-contact athletes.

Subscapularis Massage Videos

I am a big fan of helping our athletes maintain proper tissue length/quality in typical problems spots with myofascial release techniques and I thought this was a pretty interesting read. It shows how to "release" a shortened subscap after SLAP repair. Very cool videos!

More on the barefoot running debate...

This blog post is a good read since it describes the lack of research supporting or discrediting the practice of barefoot running. I personally believe that adding barefoot warm up and balance drills to our programs has been a good thing for Fury Performance's clients but we never perform med-high intensity plyos or sprints barefoot. I am not willing to go that far with it for safety and injury management issues. Most of our athletes are indifferent to barefoot work but some actually request to do all their training barefoot. The lack of negative response tells me it is worth keeping around. As this article shows, there is always two sides to every story.

Pallof Press, Pallof Press, Pallof Press!!!

This blog post is by another one of my favorite industry pros, Tony Gentilcore. He works out of Cressey Performance and always has great training information to share. This one features video variations of the Pallof Press - one of the top core exercises used at Fury Performance. I wanted to include it because we use one of these exercises almost every day at FPT.

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