Monday, August 30, 2010

FPT Newsletter - September 1st, 2010

August Featured Athlete - Hannah Locke 

Hannah "Why is Green taking my picture?" Locke
Hannah started training at FPT in April to improve her basketball game and has been a regular fixture on Tuesdays and Thursdays ever since! At the start of her training, she posted the following numbers during testing. 

Vertical Jump - 14 inches
Broad Jump - 61 inches
Push Ups - 8 reps  

After 5 months of dedicated training, she just recently posted the following improvements...

Vertical Jump - 15.5 inches
Broad Jump - 67 inches
Push Ups -12 reps 

In addition to making these great improvements and being an extremely hard worker, Hannah has been a great "junior coach", never hesitating to demonstrate an exercise for me or help other athletes who are working out at the same time. 


The "List"  
Rob Parker (Baylor School) - 6th & 7th in shot and discuss at USATF Junior Nationals!
Erica Tuck (Fury Gold) - Committed to play softball at Tenn. Tech!
Fury 95 - 7th place at ASA U14 Nationals!
Fury 96 - 9th place at ASA U15 Nationals!
Kalyn Helton (Red Bank HS)- Committed to play volleyball at UT-Knoxville! 
Shelby Willard (Central HS) - 20lbs Squat PR over last year!

Gunshow of the Month
"I am Kim - hear me roar!"

Training Pic of the Month
Shelby Willard High Steppin'

Bonus Pic!
It took 2 years but we broke our first med ball!

Video of the Month
Check out the Old Timers doing Kettlebell swings!


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