Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brain Food - 8/3/10

What do the "traps" do after all?

The traps are traditionally thought of as the "shrug" muscles (elevators of the shoulder). However, recent studies have shown that these traditional views don't correlate to how the traps really function during shoulder movement, which show the traps assisting in lateral and rotational movements of the shoulder girdle/joint. As Coach Nick points out, this article is really dense with advanced anatomical terms and descriptions so be forewarned!


“An exercise is not deemed functional by the way it looks but by what it produces.”

This is a good article on why powerlifting (squat, deadlift, bench) should be used to train athletes. While I don't think athletes' training programs should dominated by the powerlifting style, there is alot to be said for being strong. #4 is perhaps the best brief description of the value of deadlifting for the athlete that I have read yet. This is why I use deadlift as my preferred lift for my advanced kids instead of the squat.


"Toning" Shoes - Does that sound suspect to anyone?

Another prolific blogger I follow, Bret Contreras, found this article from A.C.E. shredding the idea that toning shoes actually do anything at all. Shame on Joe Montana!


A Critical Review of the "Reverse Hyper" Exercise by Mike Robertson

This article does a great job discussing the practical application (and potential misapplications) of the Reverse Hyper.


Runners Beware?

Some great points from Mike Robertson on why running may be bad for your health (well some people anyways)


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