Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brain Food - 8/18/2010

I got backed up a bit in the past week but I am back on the attack...

Got sleep?

Click here for a great blog post on improving sleep quality. As someone who struggles to get good quality sleep himself, this article has lots of great tips on how to maximize snooze time.

Beware the fitness infomercial - they are the devil!

This is a snarky video posted by Consumer Reports on the viability of the Ab Coaster machine and how wonderful it is as an ab "developer". Spoiler - IT SUCKS! You can pretty much lump in any other infomercial fitness product (except P90X) into this category.

Hey let's waste food and money - AWESOME!

I included this article solely for the fact that it bugs me that many people throw out food based on an arbitrary number printed on a package despite it being well known that it is completely arbitrary! To compound this silliness, the numbers are often influenced by government standards. If you follow the industry, the government is not the most reliable source for health and wellness information. If you think it is, you need to get out from under the rock you live under.

Run fattie run! Seriously?!?!

This video, which features Mike Golic "passing" the 300 yd shuttle test that the Redskins' Albert Haynesworth failed three times, is funny to me because it illustrates the circus that surrounded the whole event. I was really surprised at the continuous media coverage of it all - that test is not THAT hard people. I will admit that as a closeted 'Skins fan, Ol' Albert came out looking the fool on this one though. Final strength coach geek thought: Golic didn't really pass it - he kept missing lines! Haha

Some random nutrition tips...

I included this article because of Tip #15, which deals with an interesting idea about following a cheat day with a fast day. I am going to try it one of these days myself. Reader forewarned - some off color language is used in the article.

Coordination in young athletes

This guest blog post by Brian Grasso on Eric Cressey's site was interesting to me because it deals with an under appreciated and poorly understood aspect of performance training for young athletes. Dear youth coaches - it's not always about running, crappy push ups, and sit ups!

Does aspartame cause Parkinson's?

This is an interesting article about the possible link between aspartame (think diet sodas) and Parkinson's disease, using Michael Fox's story as its vehicle. It has a bit of witch hunt/conspiracy theory feel to it but it is definitely interesting.

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