Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brain Food #3 - 8/11/10

Can you do a real "push up"?

Click here for a great video from Eric Cressey on what a correct push up should look like. Trust me - it's way harder than it looks!

Bodyweight as a pitching velocity predictor?

This article, from Eric Cressey again, talks about the correlation he has observed between bodyweight and pitching velocity. His basic premise is that when pitchers maintain their bodyweight (lean body weight not fat weight) they are more consistent in the high end of their velocity range. When they don't (i.e. eating poorly), their velocity falls off and becomes inconsistent. Another great reason to re-tool your eating habits!

Rugby sucks - physiologically speaking that is...

Very cool article describing the typical fitness demands of a high level rugby player - put "rugby fitness" in a whole new perspective for me. Good thing I am pushing the prowler so much these days!

How to tell if an exercise sucks...BODY BLADES RULE!

This article breaks down how to rate a particular exercise for inclusion into your program. This author has a particularly fondness for the Body Blade I think...haha

Organic Meat?

I have never heard of Paul Apple before but he does a great job of breaking down the relative merits of eating "organic" meat. I know, I know - that sounds like an oxymoron but he goes into great detail on what "organic meat" actually is and all of the cost/benefits of the various choices you have. He also talks about organic milk, cheese, and eggs, which are by extension "meat products". Good stuff all around.

Who really has the JUICE?

This article is from the T-Nation archives and discusses the idea that African-Americans are better suited for athletics than other races, particularly sprints, jumps and sports that emphasize these skills (Football & Basketball). The authors back up this often controversial idea with lots of research. I was actually surprised that I had never seen this article before since it was published in 1998!

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