Friday, October 1, 2010

Brain Food - 10/1/10

A cautionary tale for pitchers...

This article is for all of the coaches and parents out there who demand that their kids pitch all the time, learn curve balls too early, or don't teach them how to get physically prepared to pitch. It discusses the prevalence of shoulder/elbow injuries and the intense struggles it takes to come back from these injuries successfully. Definitely food for thought.

If you like to torture yourself...

Tim Henriques loves to push his clients with brutally hard workout challenges. If you have a masochistic side - here is a list of challenges for you to try (#7 has already been adapted into a workout at FPT and it really sucks). Enjoy!

Better nutrition by chewing more?

This is a really interesting article on the how not chewing enough and/or low stomach acid can be undermining your ability to digest your food and holding you back. If you suffer from the following problems (bloating after a meal, gas, bad breath, constipation, undigested food in your stool, difficulty putting on muscle mass), it will be worth your time to read it.

The lats - one of the most important muscles in the body?

This is an older T-Nation article by Eric Cressey on the many understated but important roles of the lats in human performance. I have read most of Eric's work but this article was new to me. It's a bit geeky in places but full of great information.

How many "cows" does your brand get?

It is no big secret that organic milk is superior to conventional milk. Would milk from grass fed cows be even better than organic? I would say yes since that is milk in its most natural state. While reading up on the topic, this cool chart was cited in one of the articles I was reading. It lists the quality and source of a multitude of dairy products (ranked by # of cows). The best part - it lists products by brand name! Very rarely is this type of non-biased info available to the public.

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