Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brain Food #8 - Happy Meals Don't Mold?, Powerlifting Tips, Sprinters & Distance Runners Should Be Lifting Weights!

Happy Meal - no mold after 130 days?!?!?!?

I found this article from the LA Times on a friend's Facebook page. Apparently, an artist took photos of a Happy Meal on her shelf in her living room every 3 days to see how fast it would mold up. After 130 days, there was little visual change to the food based on the pictures. The article does offer some speculation as to why this happened but a Mickie D's rep denied it. Go figure!

The experts speak!

This is a great article featuring 8 elite performance specialists from around the country and their preferred assistance movements to strengthen the squat, bench, and deadlift. Quality info here!

Johnny Bowden - AWESOME!

Dr. Bowden is one of the best sources of high quality and practical nutritional advice in the industry. In this blog post, he takes a look at a recent Consumer Reports column on dietary supplements. Normally, mainstream non-fitness magazines tend not to have much good information on dietary supplements. However, Dr. Bowden tends to agree with their list of supplements to take and supplements not to take, which is very unusual. Coming from an author I really respect, I thought it was worth including here.
(props to Eric Cressey for alerting me to the fact that Dr. Bowden has a blog to begin with)

Disc Pressure Measurements?!?!

This is a pretty interesting read on how spinal disc pressure measurements should affect exercise selection by Nick Tumminello. He is an innovator in the profession and one of my favorites. This is an advanced article - reader beware.

Want to get fast? GET STRONGER!

Eric Cressey does an amazing job of explaining in this blog post the benefits of emphasizing strength training over SAQ training for younger athletes who play multiple sports through out the year. Basically, the sport activities for these athletes (practices, games, lessons, etc.) are their Speed Agility Quickness work and they need more strength training to fully develop their speed and power. I have pretty much come to this same conclusion with my clients over the past year and have seen great benefits to getting away from SAQ work in my programs with younger clients. If you are a multi-sport athlete or the parent of one, I highly recommend you read this article or at least just watch the video!

Why endurance athletes should lift weights and stop being wusses!

This is an another winning article by Eric Cressey explaining why endurance athletes should be lifting weights to improve performance. For any non-believers out there, he cites several research studies to back up his analysis. Great read and highly recommended!

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