Friday, October 1, 2010

FPT Newsletter - October 1st, 2010

Sept. Featured Athlete - Austin Harkleroad 

Austin "I'm A Beast" Harkleroad
Austin, who attends Silverdale Baptist, started training at FPT in April to get stronger and more explosive for basketball. Austin started training 1x per week initially but quickly started training 2x per week once he saw improvements in his performance during summer basketball practice. Since Austin has started training 2x per week, he has rarely missed a training session and I occasionally have to chase him out of the "dungeon". Here are Austin's results from his first testing session. 

Vertical Jump - 15.5 inches
Broad Jump - 73.5 inches
Push Ups - 13 reps 
Chin Ups - 1

Here is Austin's most recent testing results - it's quite a difference!

Vertical Jump - 16.5 inches
Broad Jump - 78 inches
Push Ups - 25 reps 
Chin Ups - 9 

Keep up the great work Austin!

The "List"  
New 17-18 Block Jump Champion: Kalyn Helton - 22 inches!
Rachel Harper - Committed to play volleyball at Carson Newman!

Gunshow of the Month

FPT's very own TO - Taylor Ogle!

Training Pic of the Month
Makenzie Jone getting a mid-season tune up!

Bonus Pic!

Get mean wit it!

Video of the Month
Awesome tire battle between Bayli Cruse (Fury 95) and Lauren Lewis (Fury 96)!

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