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FPT Newsletter - December 1st, 2010

November Featured Athlete - Erin Jackson
EJ - We need a gunshow!
Written by Coach Clarissa Ragsdale - Fury Performance Volleyball Specialist
Erin Jackson is named The Athlete of the Month for November!  Erin is on the Varsity volleyball team at Chattanooga Christian, as well as a member of Choo Choo City Volleyball Club.  There are several reasons why Erin has earned this honor, some of which can be measured and some that are 'intangibles'.

On paper, Erin has improved drastically in both her block & approach jumps since first starting training in November 2009.  She used to jump 9 1/2 inches on her block - now she jumps 16 1/2 inches!!!!  And her approach jump has increased from 15 inches to 19 1/2 inches!!  Those are some of the most amazing improvements I've seen in a volleyball player!

But just as important as vertical improvements are the strides Erin has made outside of testing days.  She's faster, she's stronger, and she takes a great pride in what she puts into her workouts.  A year ago, Erin could barely do a one-legged squat or a pushup.  Now she's rocking those things.  I never have to correct Erin's form anymore; instead, I use her as an example for athletes who aren't doing something properly.  Now girls look to her for guidance, instead of the other way around.

I'm very proud of the way Erin has responded to the physical demands that these workouts put on her body.  Summer came along and instead of taking time off, Erin requested to increase her workout schedule.  She didn't take time off during high school season.  She is proof that when you put the time and effort in, you will be rewarded with success.

Congratulations, Erin for graduating from "Twinkie Status" to "Athlete of the Month"!

Editor's Note: "Twinkie" was Erin's nickname before she went into beast mode.

The "List"  
Kat Knarr - GSAC All Freshman Team, GSAC Freshman of the Year, Piedmont Sportsmanship Award
Bethany Cowart - New facility Broad Jump Champion (86.5 inches)
Brook Calhoun - Committed to play volleyball at Tusculum
Emily Boyd & Monica Vickery - 2010 Times Free Press Georgia Best of Preps

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Locke-ster with a the TRX 1 Leg Squat

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FPT's Latest Toy - (insert evil Coach Green laugh here)
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