Sunday, November 21, 2010

FPT Week in Review - Featuring Prowler Drives & Munchkin Power

Coach Clarissa was out talking at the Choo Choo club meeting and my parents were in town so it was an intentionally slow Sunday at FPT. However, I have heard that some old veteran clients will be making their triumphant return this coming Sunday so I hope to have more to report. Fury Parrot had another decent workout but everyone (including myself) was a little tired so hopefully we rebound with a better effort this weekend. 

HOD: Unfortunately, the day wasn't too memorable.

 We got a little crazy on Monday at FPT with tons of stud kids training all at the same time...i.e. Clarissa's rocking crew of older studs + my crew of older studs working out at the same time = kettle bell shortage! I think our kettlebells got more work in one day between calf raises and swings within these two groups than the previous month alone. We don't mind it though because that means that everyone is getting stronger when they are fighting over the big weights! Also, I got to play with my new fully adjustable hurdles with my 6:45pm crew of baseball players, which included an epic wipe out by Zach Dickson in the process (he was OK though).

HOD: Seeing all of my 6:45 crew get psyched out by the new hurdles and then having them all at least try them anyway. The mind can literally be your most powerful ally or your worst enemy - it's always a choice!

On Tuesday, Emily Boyd came to FPT for her first workout at FPT and I was pumped to say the least. A little back story...EB is one of the top pitching prospects in the Southeast Region and has been lighting up GA high school ball since her freshman year. I have been itching to work with her since the day she came into the dungeon one day and knocked out 6 chins up last year - COMPLETELY COLD! Ever since that moment, I have thought "I need to work with this beast!". Well, EB decided she wanted to take her training up a notch this off season and to FPT she came. It is well known that EB is a workhorse so I am particularly proud that she choose FPT to get right for the coming summer. BOO YAH!!!

HOD: Watching EB's face when I got out the Prowler and hearing her say with an uncertain tone "Oh, I've heard about this thing". She then proceeded to rock it anyways. LOVE IT!

FPT was rocking again from 3:15-6:15 - I am pretty sure that it was crazier than last Wednesday! We had all of our young and old crews in full effect in tough, no-nonsense workouts. I will try to keep a better mental log of this Wednesday because I am sure I am leaving stuff of note out. BTW...EB did 7 chin ups to break her own record - BEAST!

HOD: Watching the looks of the various high school kids in FPT as the 3:15 young crew kept grinding through a grueling strong man circuit. I'm pretty sure they all felt sorry for them (and thought I was being mean to them - haha) but they persevered and got through it. Good job Wyatt, Christopher and Tyler.

To start off the day, I traveled down to Lookout Valley for some speed consulting. It was a smaller crew than last year but we got alot accomplished with them. I think some of the rotational core drills we did that day will really help them once they get the hang of it. Clarissa doesn't have any groups scheduled on Thursdays so I had the floor to myself for afternoon at FPT. Katie Henderson, Logan Long, and Lacye Walker all had great workouts to finish their training weeks strong. You heard it hear first - all three of these athletes will have monster springs. Later in the evening, Gabby Hughes, who has been training at FPT for what seems like forever now, had one of her better workouts in recent memory. I think she is a good example of an athlete who has benefited greatly from a consistent and dogged approach in the weight room. She is not the fastest, strongest, or most powerful kid at FPT but she has never let that stop her from trying to get better. She is a blue collar kid and I respect her for it more than she knows (even if I get annoyed fussy at her from time to time).

HOD: The 6:45 crew of guys did 13 Prowler drives in a row. It pretty much sucked but they bowed it up and got it done. Good work gentlemen. Special shout out to Skylar Grimes, who keeps on trucking although he is the new guy in a group of veterans.

Friday ended up being unusually busy at FPT. I had the "Geriatric" crew (this came out of group member Mary Hughes' mouth just so you know) in the morning followed by the Averitt "crazies" in the early afternoon. Clarissa rocked out at East Ridge high for their volleyball team and then rocked out on "Meggie" Brown, Rachel Harper, and Hope Johnson in the early afternoon. I finished up the night with two crews of Fury munchkins back to back. I only survived to that crazy two hour stretch with the help of super intern Bethany Cowart - you are greatly appreciated. Bethany also did a 400+ lb fat boy Green push (sled + me + both vests + both belts) before working with the munchkins. Now that is hard core!

HOD: The Averitt "crazies" doing their first "fat boy Green" prowler push...when I sat on that sled the looks on their faces was priceless!

The Cherokee Fury baseball had their first official team workout with Mean Green. It was a pretty good effort all around by this young crew and they will make a ton of improvement in the coming months if they bring it like that consistently.
HOD: Corey from the Cherokee crew persevering through a tough workout and giving great effort throughout. He earned an FPT shirt for his effort and heart.

By the numbers...
The Blaes Schmissrauter honorary needless ! tally - 15
Most Prowler Drives Ever Done in 1 Workout Session at FPT-13

Workout Song You Need on Your IPOD
AC/DC - Rock and Roll Train

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