Sunday, November 28, 2010

FPT Week in Review - Thanksgiving Week

Sunday was a little busier between Coach Clarissa and myself than it has been in recent weeks. It is still not where we would like it to be but we are finally getting some scheduling stuff sorted out from the fall/winter sport changeover.  I am certain that we will have "mad house" Sunday before too long! In other news, FPT was honored to have Alyssa C. and Baylee S. back in the house. These young studs haven't trained in quite awhile but they put in their usual outstanding effort the other day. Great job ladies - I look forward to kicking your butts in the coming months. We also had our first member of the Fury Crush baseball team in his first training session. I hear this is a talented group so I am excited to get involved with them.

HOD: Hannah and TO are two of my b-ball clients that are friends but play on rival school teams. During their last session, I remember jokingly telling TO, who is a forward, that she needs to throw some mean elbows on Hannah, who is a guard, the next time she drives in the lane. So, what happened the first time they played this season? Hannah drove the lane and TO "bumped" her and Hannah got a minor concussion in the process. FPT clients take note: Coach Green is always joking when he says such things!

 I have been babbling on and on about the crew of Amazonian studs that Clarissa has on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm so I thought it was time to document this awesomeness. I will let the video do the talking for me. I have also included a video of resident intern beast, Bethany Cowart, hitting a new Personal Record of 210lbs on Deadlift. To frame this achievement some, Bethany had just performed 29 singles in 29 minutes at 90% of her old deadlift max prior to this lift. This is a pre-season lifting test that Wake Forest uses with some of its teams to gauge whether they have worked in the off season or not. In other words...get ready Grace softball opponents - don't throw her any fatties this season. Remember - I warned you!

HOD: Seeing the camaraderie between the VB girls in the 4pm group. This is what we strive for at FPT - a supportive but challenging group environment. Athletes will always make more progress when they push each other like this crew does - do work ladies!

We had a pretty solid day overall from our smaller Tuesday crew. Nothing too fancy really - just good 'ol fashioned hard work.

HOD: I have been known to have kids push other kids, myself, and even their parents on the Prowler in order to push the limits and build the atmosphere at FPT. Well, I decided to add a new twist to this theme - partner sled drags! Ryan and Addison were the first athletes at FPT to drag each other and then Fat Boy Green up and down the room on the crusty trusty old red sled. It was a good time and I look forward to having others do it soon!

The day before Thanksgiving was pretty slow as people started to get ready for the holidays but we still managed to have several good workouts. The day started off with a boisterous Hughes and Sawyer family lift, which has become somewhat of FPT tradition. Clarissa followed them up with a pretty big crew of volleyballers, none of whom seemed to be very awake when I left for a short break - I hope she roasted them! Bad jokes aside, the rest of the day featured several of my stud high school clients including Kasey, Lexie, Bethany, and EB getting in a great pre-feast workout. The day ended with 'Zee Johnson taking on Mean Green all by herself. Even though 'Zee is fairly young and working out solo with me can be a challenged, she rocked it and held her own!
HOD: 'Zee had to do the dreaded "Countdown" finisher at the end of her workout. This has become one of FPT's most dreaded finishers and I wasn't sure how she would do. I am happy to report that she persevered and made it through it.You go girl!

Thursday - Saturday


By the numbers...
The Schmissrauter extraneous punctuation tally - 10
Most Deadlifts Performed Above 90% in One Workout by One Athlete at FPT -30!

Workout Song You Need on Your IPOD
Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up to Boston

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