Friday, November 5, 2010

FPT: The Week in Review - (Insert Catchy Buzz Words Here)

I decided not too long ago that Fridays would be my main day to get cracking on my various "business" ventures instead of working in the afternoons at traffic-lite FPT (it has always been slow on Friday - I guess Chattanoogans don't roll like that on Fridays). My logic behind this decision was that my time would be better spent growing the 'biz rather than busting out HIT circuits with the few clients I normally get on Friday.

So, how would I rate my efforts on the first (long overdue) planned day of industriousness? Would I turn out to be beacon of productivity that starts thrashing the performance training market in the 'Noog with some new innovative idea or a slothful mullygruber (to quote UT coach Derek Dooley) that frittered away the day?

Shameful as it may be, I have to admit to being a total mullygrubber so far (don't hate me Coach!). To rectify this sad situation, it ironically dawned on me that I should start being productive by being using a vehicle that makes most people unproductive...can anyone say BLOGPOST?!?! And thus "The Week in Review" was born. Tongue-in-cheek appreciated but not required...

Lamest day in recent memory at FPT! Not because the very few people that did show up didn't train hard but because of the very many that didn't survive their Halloween sugar comas to come over and workout. MULLYGRUBBERS! I actually had to look at my schedule book to see who did show up - LAME!

 The Monday crew is usually a stout bunch and they lived up to their reputation this week. All in attendance trained hard and busted their butts so it was a good start to the week. 

Highlight of the Day: Bethany Cowart knocking out a set of 4x185lbs on Trap Deadlifts. 185lbs used to be her 1 rep max three months ago - BEAST! No one outworks this kids - NO ONE.

This day is dominated by my more advanced kids and longer tenured clients. From looking at my log, I noted a 3 year client, 2 year client, and two other 1 year clients - AWESOME! It is not a common topic but being dedicated to a solid training program over the long term is one of the most under-rated training variables for the common athlete. Some athletes are simply gifted and don't have to do squat to be good but they are vastly outnumbered by athletes who have to build themselves 1 rep, 1 set, and 1 sprint at a time. 

HOD: Katie Henderson knocking out 10 reps of swings for the first time with one of our 60lb KB's. There is a reason she can throw 65mph heaters people.

Easily our most hectic day at FPT...I will typically have several groups of munchkins (anyone under 10 years old in FPT parlance) training right along side some of my high school kids (who are all on different programs). Clarissa alternates between some pretty impressive VB training groups and skill specialization sessions. You might get blasted in the head by an errant serve if you aren't careful. It may look like chaotic at times but that's how we do! 

HOD: Seeing a "herd" of our VB studs getting after it. They have been in-season for 3 months so it just hasn't been the same without them.

Awesome beard - this picture will more sense later - Promise!

This day is not unlike Tuesday - mostly older and more advanced clients "doing work son" (as my illustrious fiance Blaes would say). Overall, it was another good blue collar day at FPT - not alot of talk but alot of work. 

HOD: The return of Monk to FPT - I can't wait to make her complain in coming workouts!

As noted above, this is my "work" day from here on out even though I will likely do some morning training and/or team training because it forces me to do my workouts as well. Can't be a mullygrubber all the time. Special shout out to Terri I. who took the FPT plunge this morning. It's been awhile for her but she did a great job and got through it. Sometimes the first step is the hardest but the most worthwhile because it gets you going somewhere.

HOD: Two unprompted texts in the span of 1 minute from two different people complaining about the extreme soreness they have from yesterday's workouts. LOVE IT!
This weekend is our bi-annual Scenic 16's tournament. I am running a testing combine right in the middle of it. Did I mention running events like this are total buzz kill? Sunday clients - please be advised that Coach Green will be extremely crabby on Sunday.

By the numbers...
Gratuitous exclamation point usage - 11
Mullygrubber name drops in this blog (including this one) - 6

Workout Song You Need on Your IPOD
10 Years - "Shoot it out"

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