Sunday, November 14, 2010

FPT Week in Review: Let the off season CRAZINESS begin!

And so it begins at FPT...THE OFFICIAL OFF SEASON!  This is an entirely subjective decision on my part - it really could start at any time. However, FPT has a distinctive rhythm because our clientele is made up of primarily softball and volleyball athletes. Basically, November is the first month in which both of these sports are done with high school, middle school, and travel ball seasons. This week saw the return of our "Amazon" crew and we heard quite a few comments that went something like this "Ohhhh my abs hurts" or "Those push ups killed me the other day" etc... Interpretation - Clarissa is "getting work done" on the VB crew!

To sum up - the next few months should be an exciting time at FPT with everyone wanting to train and get after it simultaneously along with the impending facility move. I am really looking forward to updating everyone on the craziness.

Sunday used to be a ridiculous day for FPT - where is everybody?!?! We will have to get Sundays sorted out soon - I'm getting kind of bored over there! However, we did have an awesome first team workout by Fury Parrot with a suitably awesome gunshow picture to end it.

HOD: The Fury Parrot gunshow was one of the best we've ever had at FPT - by rookies no less!
FPT el jefe special note: Don't worry Fury munchkins from Boles and Millwood - your gunshow day is coming soon. I haven't forgotten about ya!

 Monday featured the return of some of Chattanooga's top volleyball talent to FPT, including close to 1/2 of Choo Choo 17-1 squad that qualified for nationals last year. Talk about some star power! The 12-14 guys at 6:45 also had a great workout.

HOD: Seeing 8 VB studs on the floor - it's been awhile...we've missed you ladies!

Tuesday saw the return of Callie Hildebrand to FPT. If you didn't know already, she was the state championship game MVP for Signal Mountain this year. Ironically, she trained with Rachel Harper, who was the top gun for Boyd Buchanon, the runner up to Signal Mountain in the title game. This was one of the coolest moments I've seen at FPT in awhile - two top flight competitors (who had never met before) training hard and supporting each other throughout a tough workout. Another great moment from Tuesday was Logan Long smoking his first true deadlift workout ever. He has come a long way from last year and is just starting to see the benefits of being consistent with his strength work. Great job "Mop"!

HOD: Seeing Callie and Rachel pushing each other 3 weeks removed from playing each other for a state championship ring!

FPT was rocking from 3:15-6:15 - there were athletes training everywhere. It was so hectic that I can't even remember/describe all that was going on other than all of the various members of the Wednesday crew were getting after it. A special shout out to all of my young crews last night (I have three of them on Wed) - your effort was awesome last night.

HOD: Bethany Cowart became the new facility champion in the Broad Jump (86.5 inches) and won herself a snazzy dri-fit shirt in the process.

Yet another solid day for FPT starting off with the boisterous Averitt sisters and finishing with Danzel, our lone football client. The Averitts are FPT's inaugural personal training clients and I am having a blast training them - they definitely provide a different energy to the dungeon! Danzel is finishing up his career at Red Bank and is look to play in college ball next year. We have been doing recovery workouts to keep this iron man healthy and playing at his best. Thus far,he hasn't missed a game yet. Keep up banging big D!

HOD: Zach Dean has been a Featured Athlete before and has been dominating our record boards ever since he walked in the door. We can now add another achievement to his list - the first documented busted med ball. BEAST!

Not much to report from FPT today. After the "Old Crew" aka "Dinosaurs" aka "Old Farts" got in their typically strong workout in the morning, I was done for the day.
My awesome nap from 12-1:30pm...EPIC SUCCESS!

FPT was inactive today...

By the numbers...
The Blaes Going Green gratuitous exclamation point usage tally - 13
Med Balls broken this year at FPT - 3

Workout Song You Need on Your IPOD
Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away

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