Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Training Log: 10/4/11 - Work Capacity & Recovery

Dynamic Warm Up #1
Deep Breathing Drill on Back x 10
Running Butt Kicks x 50 total
High Knee Pulls x 5 each
Ankle Sits x 5 each
Reverse Opposite Reach Lunge x 5 each
Straight Leg Kick x 5 each

Chain Breakers x 20
Spiderman Lunge x 5 each 

Groin Dips x 5 each

10 Kneeling Push Ups

20 Floorbreakers
2 Leg Squats on Balance Discs x 20
Pipe Rolls & Band Stretch

*kinda wimpy but just aiming to do something everyday as well as work on my flex/mob...clearly my cut and paste job sucked...

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